Liam White: The Forgettable Life of Liam White (2021) Movie Review ‘Emotional Journey’

Liam White: The Forgettable Life of Liam White – Emotional Journey


Director: Harold Jackson III

Writer: Harold Jackson III (Screenplay)

Starring: Shaun Woodland, Jasmine Guy, Terence TC Carlson, Sasha Wakefield

Plot: An author fights for his life while reconciling his past.

Tagline – He’s dying to live.

Runtime: 1 Hour 27 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Liam White: The Forgettable Life of Liam White starts when author Liam White (Woodland) starts struggling on his latest novel, his life is turned even worse when he gets tragic news about his health.

As Liam looks to try and put his life together before he goes, he tries to learn about why his parents split up, finishing off his latest novel and sort out his own relationship, all in the hope of hopefully not being forgettable.

Thoughts on Liam White: The Forgettable Life of Liam White

Characters & Performances – Liam White is an author who has seen his work dry up, his ideas struggling to be put on paper and even his appearance whittled down to a few attendees, his personal life isn’t going much better either. His life is going to get worse when he learns his doesn’t have long to live, which he keeps to himself, showing the different emotions he is going through, reacting different around the people in his life. Shaun Woodland carries this film with his brilliant leading performance, showing the emptiness feelings his character is going through. When it comes to the supporting characters, we meet the parents who have different relationships with Liam, issues that he wants to solve. We also meet the women in his life, where he will get to know who the most important ones in his life. The supporting performances are strong through the film.

StoryThe story here follows an author that learns his doesn’t have long to live, leading to him needing to put his affairs in order, in an attempt to leave the best memories of him behind. This is a story that is filled with emotion, with Liam knowing his fate, he is shown feeling lost, looking for the best solution for the situation he finds himself in, trying to maintain the positive world around him, not letting anyone else worry about him. It does show the importance of not letting yourself go into big personal battle alone, the support of the loved ones would be there, but it also shows how important trying to resolve conflicts can be between friends and family before it is to late. This does everything it needs to, to make us understand the difficulties the man is going through.

ThemesLiam White: The Forgettable Life of Liam White is a drama that will being together friends and family in a difficult time, it will keep most of the film calm, with most scenes focusing on the bigger moments going on within the life of Liam in his biggest time of need.

Final Thoughts Liam White: The Forgettable Life of Liam White is an emotional story that spotlights the importance of support in the time of need.

Once Upon a Lifetime (2021) Movie Review ‘Magical Tale’

Once Upon a Lifetime – Magical Tale


Director: David Skato

Writer: David Skato (Screenplay)

Starring: Jensen Atwood, Melvin Ward, Melanie Thompson, Arie Thompson, Phoenix Nicholson, Krystian Alexander Lyttle

Plot: As a boy copes with his difficult home life and his parents’ failing marriage, a mysterious girl suddenly appears. Faith, family and a special kind of magic come together as his new friend teaches them all about love, forgiveness and healing.

Runtime: 1 Hour 25 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Once Upon a Lifetime starts when bullied school boy Thomas (Nicholson) meets a stranger of his own age Joy, she becomes attached to him, following him, being welcomed into his house by his mother Tatyana (Thompson).

Overnight Joy suddenly ages to teenager age, where the family can’t explain what happened, as each day goes past, Joy continues to age dramatically, while giving advice to the family, more than anyone her original age should know.

Thoughts on Once Upon a Lifetime

Characters & Performances – Thomas is the young boy that is getting bullied at school, while living in a not so comfortable home, where his parents fight. He meets and befriends a young Joy as he starts to learn from her over the next couple of days, despite the changes she goes through. Tatyana and Joseph are the parents that have been going through a bad time because of Joseph’s behaviour, Joy will help Tatyana see what would be best for her future, guiding her out of the trapped marriage she finds herself in. Joy starts as a young girl the same age as Thomas, as each day passes by, she starts to age, becoming a guardian like angel over the family, teaching them and showing them what they need most in life. The performances in this film are wonderful, bringing together the real moments each character is going through.

StoryThe story here follows a family that get an unlikely visitor in a 9-year-old girl who unexplainably ages suddenly overnight, where the time the family spend with the now woman, will lead to advice to help them through the rest of their lives. This is a magical story that will leave you with mixed feelings of delight and sadness, with how Joy touches the lives of the family. It will highlight how small changes in life can make everything better, but you will need to make the change to escape the problems. This is easily one film that will leave an impact on you once you have finished.

ThemesOnce Upon a Lifetime is a fantasy drama that will see how a woman will spend a lifetime with a family over only a short period of time, while aging quicker than anyone else. This fantasy elements will show how someone touching the life will keep the guidance simple in life.

Final Thoughts Once Upon a Lifetime is a truly magical tale.

Christmas at the Ranch (2021) Movie Review ‘Sweet Christmas Love Story’

Christmas at the Ranch – Sweet Christmas Love Story


Director: Christin Baker

Writer: Julie Anton, Christin Baker (Screenplay)

Starring: Amanda Righetti, Lindsay Wagner, Laur Allen, Archie Kao, Dia Frampton, Aaron Branch

Plot: When Haley Hollis returns to her family ranch to try and save it from closure, she wasn’t banking on spending so much time with ranch hand Kate – or falling for her.

Runtime: 1 Hour 31 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Christmas at the Ranch starts when city career driven woman Haley (Allen) is facing her biggest career project, when her brother Charles (Kao) calls her home to help with the family ranch, which has been losing money against the competition.

Haley does come back with her business mind on, she is looking to quickly sell and move on, but when she meets the ranch hand Kate (Righetti), she starts to remember what the ranch meant to her and her family.

Thoughts on Christmas at the Ranch

Characters & Performances – Haley is a workaholic in the big city, she has been given her biggest project yet for her company, while trying to find love in the big city. Her work has come at a price though, as she has been stepping away from help her family ranch and now a trip back there will change how she wants to look at life and give her a chance at finding love, breaking her away from the business driven mind that she has been operating with. Laur Allen is great in this leading role, showing the ruthless side of her career, but the damaged side from her personal life. Kate is the ranch hand who finds herself isolated in her work, spending her time either talking to the animals or talking to herself, she has given plenty of her time to help the ranch remain successful, which will see her clash with Haley on why things aren’t going to plan, but after their awkward first encounter, they both sense a good in each other that will find a solution to the problems. Amanda Righetti does a great job at bringing to life someone who is different to Haley, someone who seems wiser to what is important in life. When it comes to the supporting cast, we have Charles the brother who needs support, as well as Meemaw who has always looked out for her grandchildren on the ranch, wanting to keep it for them.

StoryThe story here follows a workaholic social media manager living in the big city who needs to travel back to her home ranch to help them decide what to do in the future after a bad year in business, leaving her in a position where she can do the quick solution, only to find herself remembering how special the place is to her, while falling in love once again. This is a story that will have the deeper meaning of needing to support your family and that money isn’t going to be the answer for everything in life. The story will take us down memory lane for Haley, proving that you will never forget where you came from. This will also play into the idea that Christmas will make people change for the better.

ThemesChristmas at the Ranch is a romance movie set at Christmas where the loneliness people search for love and will find it in the place, they are least likely to look for it. The film will use the two main settings to show the different lives Haley could have, with the big city overworked location against the more relax ranch life, where you can get a chance to breath.

Final Thoughts Christmas at the Ranch is a Christmas film that is filled with the romance of the magical time of the year.

Alternate Ground (2021) Movie Review ‘Mystery Everywhere’

Alternate Ground – Mystery Everywhere


Director: Daniel Groom

Starring: Owen Myre, Ethan Boucher, Paul Noonan, Zachariah Supka, Devin Henry, Patience McStravick, Michael Anthony Coppola, Demitra Papadinis

Plot: When a teenage boy is found after disappearing overnight, his unexplained behavior causes concern within the family, and a lack of medical answers leads to a revelation of alien abduction.

Tagline – They need us…Anybody

Runtime: 1 Hour 32 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Alternate Ground starts when Riley McDowell (Myre) suddenly goes missing with his whole family searching for the young boy, his brother Bradley (Boucher) and parents Arthur (Coppola) and Joyce (Papadinis).

When Riley is found, he does seem to be different, with a darker side, losing spells of time, without any explanation. As everyone is searching for answers, Riley starts to show the effects what happened during his disappearance.

Thoughts on Alternate Ground

Characters & Performances – Riley McDowell is the boy that vanished suddenly overnight, only to be found on the edge of the road in a panicked state. His family are concerned about him, as he starts having spells of blacking out, events happening without anyone else knowing how to explain the events. The blackout will cause him great pain, as each visit will becoming more vivid and dangerous for Riley, as he tries to explain what he is going through. Owen Myre does give us a performance that is filled with the paranoia his character is going through during the events of the film. Arthur and Joyce are his parents that will do anything to help find answers, pushing past what they are willing to believe in search for the answers they need to save their son. Bradley is the older brother who is more reluctant to help as he doesn’t believe as easily to what is happening, before needing to step up and help. When we meet the rest of the characters, we have different people who will help in different ways along the way, some with real science, some with the truth, the mix involved will keep us guessing as to what is really happening.

StoryThe story here follows a young boy that disappears overnight and is found without memories of how he ended up away from the home. The family will search for answers, but not everything is as simple as expected in this search. This is a story that will look to work on the ideas of abductions that can’t be explained, using the reports to create a story to show the troubles people would have been through when they reappear without answers, where most people can’t give them any answers, but something isn’t right with the person. This will give us plenty of mystery about the truth, where each interaction might offer something different.

ThemesAlternate Ground is a sci-fi mystery that will use the concepts of the stories of alien abductions, showing the side effects of what might have happened, leaning more towards the mystery, rather than using too much sci-fi side of things. The remote location will play into what is expected to be behind the alien abduction stories.

Final Thoughts Alternate Ground is a mystery that will keep us guessing behind the abduction.

The Siege of Fort William Henry (2021) Movie Review

Director: Erik Swanson

Plot: In 1757 a French army of 9,000 men, including almost 2,000 of their American Indian allies, laid siege to Fort William Henry, on Lake George in the New York Frontier. These event inspired “The Last of the Mohicans”

Runtime: 1 Hour 3 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Thoughts on The Siege of Fort William Henry

ThoughtsThe Siege of Fort William Henry is a documentary that looks to tell a more neutral story to what happened in the Siege of Fort William Henry, showing the lead up to the battles, along with how the English and French saw the events unfolding, showing that the conflict was built up from the English behaviour to the much calmer French, leading to the famous side to the bigger battle in history. This documentary does a good job at showing the balance between two of the three sides involved in the battle, showing how neither wanted the body count the battle left. This will give out a more accurate history lesson to what most people have been taught, which is important for showing everyone that we can learn from the past, rather than continuing to make the same mistakes.

Final Thoughts The Siege of Fort William Henry is a interesting history lesson.