The World’s Most Dangerous Borders – Episode 4 – Hunger

The World’s Most Dangerous Borders – Episode 4 – Hunger

Story: Hunger sees Reza leave Chad, moving in Sudan, getting closer to his destination, only entering Sudan, Reza finds himself taken my intelligence agency locked away, waiting to hear about whether they would be free or not. Being back in Sudan shows Reza just how much has changed since he was last here, needing to avoid authorities trying to control him. We do head onto the next stage Ethiopia, another country that has changed for Reza, one where authorities are controlling, only not on the same levels, leaving us to look at the pure beauty of the landscapes in the country.

Thoughts on Hunger

Thoughts – Hunger starts with the conclusion of the cliff hanger from the previous episode, will Reza get out of the trouble he finds himself in and complete his journey, it shows us just how much peril the journey will put him on, how not every threat is going to come from militant groups, it could come from a countries own government. Moving away from the dangers, we get a contrast with the beauty of the open plains of Ethiopia where the danger is going to come from the nature itself. With the series coming to an end, we get a mix at seriously dangerous conditions Reza could find himself in, which do highlight the dangerous criminal activities controlling certain people do. Outside of this, we get to see what is needed to change things in the climate and how certain traditions are maintained to make everyone feel safe in the different countries.

Final Thoughts Hunger is a nice conclusion that might start filled with tension, but shows the near the water links, the safer he finds himself. 4/5

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The World’s Most Dangerous Borders – Episode 3 – Boko Haram

The World’s Most Dangerous Borders – Episode 3 – Boko Haram

Story: Boko Haram continues into Niger, where he gets to learn the reality of the terrorist group Boko Haram, that murder countless people, with people being forced to join them in Nigeria, the effects of these people have seen the cities living in fear, moving in to Chad, we get to see even more of the problems are in this country, getting to meet survivors who have escaped the terrors.

Thoughts on Boko Haram

Thoughts – Boko Haram shows the shocking reality of the world in the central African countries of Niger, Chad and Nigeria, which will leave Reza the shocking truth about what he could end up experiencing himself, if he puts a foot wrong. This is a transitional episode as Reza says goodbye to his guide so far Henri and looks to prepare for the final steps of his journey. This is the biggest wake up call to the events in Africa, showing us just how dangerous the militant terrorist groups are to not just one country, but many countries in the area. The episode does end in a calmer nature, bring the journey back to the climate change happening with the change being done.

Final Thoughts Boko Haram is the most uneasy episode so far, one that opens more eyes on the problems that goes unseen. 4/5

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The World’s Most Dangerous Borders – Episode 2 – The Great Green Wall

The World’s Most Dangerous Borders – Episode 2 – The Great Green Wall

Story: The Great Green Wall continues Reza’s journey across Africa after a detour from Mali to Burkina Faso, another country where the outsider isn’t always welcomed, here Reza gets to learn about Voodoo in the bloody ceremony, before learning about the European impact on the locals. We continue to see the different people that Reza meets along the way, ones that will be involved in even more dangerous interactions with human traffickers.

Thoughts on The Great Green Wall

Thoughts – The Great Green Wall does continue to show the illegal operations going on, where people will do anything to have control over the people, show the extreme lengths people will go for their own freedom or ways to help their family back home. We show how the people will do anything to keep things quiet, while looking into the voodoo rituals, which can be difficult to watch. The journey does take us to the next stage, showing an increased level of danger as well as showing just how easily the human trafficking can happen. While this episode does have a slower start, it does have an intense final 15 minutes, which shows the real danger they are in.

Final Thoughts The Great Green Wall does start slower, but does finish with an intense exchange with criminals in the world Reza is travelling through. 3/5

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The World’s Most Dangerous Borders – Episode 1 – Desertification

The World’s Most Dangerous Borders – Episode 1 – Desertification

Story: Desertification starts as Reza Pakravan looks to plan out his journey across Africa, starting in the one of the most developed countries of Senegal, with the plan to go along the Sahelian Belt, across the eight countries.

We see the delights of Senegal, before moving onto a different world in Mali, seeing the generation of people forced into gold mining for peanuts, in a modern day form of slavery, the further Reza goes into Mali towards Timbuktu, the larger the dangerous become for the explorer.

Thoughts on Desertification

Thoughts – We get the early steps for this journey, showing us the bigger picture going on to try and help fix the climate problems the continent is facing and looking to fix. We start this journey in a safe country in Senegal, showing how the festival can bring the people together. When we move onto Mali, we see the big change, a 1000mile journey, which will take Reza from a civilized country, to a country in Mali that is doing things in a very different way and is dealing with terrorist activities. Seeing the changes coming along, does show us just how difficult learning a new culture and the worries they locals are facing if they help outsiders.

Final Thoughts Desertification is an eye-opening start to a journey through danger that will lead us to places we wouldn’t normally learn about. 4/5

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Flint (2020) Movie Review

Director: Anthony Baxter

Plot: A documentary based on five years of research into a Michigan auto town where tens of thousands were drinking water into which poisonous lead had leached, and how officials failed to respond.

Runtime: 1 Hour 54 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Flint starts by seeing the everyday residents of Flint, Michigan, each one will have a different horror story about what has happened to their family’s over the time when they started drinking water from the Flint River, one that was affected by being used as a dumping ground for years, creating a toxic level that shouldn’t be consumed.

We see how the scientists looked to prove the damage that has been done and the battle to find someone guilty for allowing this and how the people in the city are struggling just to make a living and the people trying to help are leading to multiply stories which only end up complicate the situation.

Thoughts on Flint

ThoughtsFlint is a documentary that shows more of the horrific story of the water situation in Flint, Michigan. We have seen films like Dark Waters, that tackled one approach to everything, while others have gone down the documentary path before, the reality it, people have been suffering from the events of changing the water supply to a city for years now and this documentary will show the last 5 years of trying to find the truth and expose the cover ups. We don’t just hear the stories of the people suffering, which are always going to be the backbone of this documentary. Looking at the different scientists or experts that are looking into the events, seeing how they are almost going against each others information, leaving the residents even more confused about the truth, not knowing who to trust is important to see. This documentary will be eye-opening to the problem in the city and how important the change will need to be for everyone.

Final Thoughts Flint is an essential documentary that will put a new light on the troubles in one city and how the people have been left helpless in their battle for answers.

FLINT is available on BBC iPlayer from 1st December