The Tax Collector (2020) Movie Review ‘Vile Violent Movie’

Director: David Ayer

Writer: David Ayer (Screenplay)

Starring: Bobby Soto, Cinthya Carmona, Shia LeBeouf, Jose Conejo Martin, Cheyenne Rae Hernandez

Plot: A “tax collector” working for a local crime lord finds his family’s safety compromised when the rival of his boss shows up in L.A. and upends the business.

Runtime: 1 Hour 35 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Tax Collector starts as we meet the family man David Cuevas (Soto) who when he isn’t around his family works with Creeper (LaBeouf) for a crime gang in LA as Tax Collectors. The pair have a reputation of getting the money cleaned up, striking fear on anybody who crosses them.

When Conejo (Martin) arrives in town, David finds his family’s life in trouble, needing to step up to a new crime boss looking to make a play in LA.

Thoughts on The Tax Collector

ThoughtsThe Tax Collector is an action crime thriller that dives deep into the criminal underworld in LA, following different members of different gangs, with one trying to have an honest life on the side, which will come and bite him when a new gang leader arrives in town. This is the typical gang nonsense, where it is, we kill someone ti is good, but if they kill someone it is bad, leaving a river of blood of other criminals and gangs who think they are above everyone else. David the lead character is so delusional that he believes God gives him the right for 2 lives, while we know that Creeper is a bad figure, we just don’t get enough to dive into where he could have gone. This feels like a vile movie that is more about trying to be edgy with violent action, only playing into the painful stereotypes Hollywood wants to throw at us.

Final Thoughts The Tax Collector is a violent vile movie with no redeeming qualities about it.

ABC Film Challenge – 1990s Movies – Z – Zero Kelvin (1995) Movie I Want to See

ABC Film Challenge

1990s Movies


Zero Kelvin

Z as always proved to be a difficult letter to find a movie for, for this one I have picked one I would like to see one day, Zero Kelvin, it is one that sounds interesting with the plot below, what do you think of this film?

A young writer whose proposal was recently rejected goes to Greenland to spend a year at an outpost for hunting and trapping animals for furs. At the outpost he meets two men who are none too keen to spend the winter with the newcomer.

Amazon Queen (2021) Movie Review ‘East Watch Action Film’

Amazon Queen – Easy Watch Action Film


Director: Marlin Darrah

Writer: Rick Cullis, Marlin Darrah, Richard Lasser (Screenplay)

Starring: Carly Diamond Stone, Carson Grant, Nick Dreselly Thomas, Massi Furlan, Alfonso DiLuca, Vicky Dawson, Clayton Meek

Plot: A group of tourists joins the Amazon Forest riverboat “Queen” as it ventures upriver, to visit indigenous villages and explore jungle habitats. But a dark cloud of thievery and menace thunders aboard, threatening all with death.

Runtime: 1 Hour 27 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Amazon Queen starts when captains, Jackie Santos (Stone) and Flynn McIntyre (Thomas) looks to take their Amazon Queen with tourist out on the river. They are joined by mother Maggie (Dawson) daughter Leilah (Encarnacion), documentarian Sam Romero (DiLuca) and two bank robbers Machado (Furlan) and Silva (Meek) who are looking for their stolen loot, which crashed on the river.

When the journey isn’t going fast enough, Machado decides to take the boat hostage to rush to the location of their treasure, wanting to learn the truth about his brother.

Thoughts on Amazon Queen

Characters & Performances – Jackie Santos is one of the captains on of the boat, she knows the couple need money to keep the boat afloat, which does have a lot of history in her family. She gets a surprise on the latest trip, where she will look to do the right thing for the tourists when things go wrong. Machado is the criminal who wants to find the money and his brother after a heist gone wrong, he wants to do it quietly, but must take things into his own hands, taking the boat hostage, he is determined to make sure he gets what he wants, willing to do anything to make it happen. When we look deeper at the characters, we do seem to lack anyone that does have the charisma to standout, with most feeling like everyday people, no big hero stepping up, no completely twisted villains, it just feels flatter than anything else. The performances don’t make the characters standout in the way they should for the action film this wants to be.

StoryThe story here follows a river cruise that gets taken over by robbers who want to use the boat to find a missing loot that was stolen from them, which crash landed in the middle of the Amazon River. This is a story that could have gone in a different direction, with the film wanting to make sure we meet everyone, instead of letting the action unfold in the story. The idea of travelling to a dangerous location to find a missing treasure does work well for the film, it makes sense they try to do it in a calm way, instead of all guns blazing, but as soon as they take the boat hostage, the tone doesn’t seem to match up, because it is never intense enough with the threat they could be facing.

ThemesAmazon Queen is an action movie that uses the beautiful Amazon River as the backdrop for the adventure to happen, showing us just how much danger, the tourists could be in, once the criminals want to take over. We don’t however get much action, with most being tame for what it could have been, leaving the film feeling a lot flatter than it should have.

Final Thoughts Amazon Queen is a by the book late night action film, that just lacks the intensity to shine.

ABC Film Challenge – 1990s Movies – Y – You’ve Got Mail (1998) Movie Suggestion

ABC Film Challenge

1990s Movies


You’ve Got Mail

You’ve Got Mail was one of the best modern day romantic comedies when it got released, using emails for meeting someone to date, something that plenty of people do today, it continued the shining chemistry that Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan had together. It might well be a remake of a previous idea of newspaper ads to meet someone, but it is one that is filled with all the charm needed.

Wild Indian – Release News


Makwa and Ted-O, two Anishinaabe men, are inextricably bound together after covering up the savage murder of a schoolmate. After years of separation following wildly divergent paths, they must finally confront how their traumatic secret has irrevocably shaped their lives.