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Burial – Release News

Ben Parker’s Burial a WWII thriller gets World Premiere at FrightFest  A bloody fight to claim the remains of Hitler. Set for its World Premiere at the esteemed FrightFest 2022 festival this August comes the highly anticipated thriller BURIAL. The new feature from writer/director Ben Parker (The Chamber). Which will receive its digital release in September, from 101 Films.  Featuring […]

Wicked Ones – Release News

Wicked Ones premiering on VOD 9/13 followed be a Special Edition Blu-ray on 11/8/22. From Wild Eye Releasing and director Tory Jones, and starring Halloween’s Dale Miller, beware Wicked Ones this September! Evil multiplies in this follow up to 2017’s sleeper hit The Wicked One. Set a decade after the events in the first film, […]


Premiering August 12 on Terror Films Channel, Danny Villanueva Jr.‘s supernatural drama “I DREAM OF A PSYCHOPOMP”. A grieving widower haunted by the distressed ghost of his recently deceased wife is visited in his dreams by a psychopomp who teaches him about the spirit world and soul guiding through stories of death and the supernatural. Jillian Lebling […]

Signature Entertainment FrightFest Line-Up

Signature Entertainment FrightFest Line-Up FrightFest will screen Bitch Ass in 101 Films Discovery One on Thursday 25th August at 20:15 Inspired by the SAW and DON’T BREATHE franchises, four young adults raid the house of an old woman and her bullied grandson Cecil as part of a gang initiation. What they don’t know is that Cecil is actually […]


INSPIRING COMING-OF-AGE ANIME “GOODBYE DONGLEES!” GETS UK PREMIERE AT #EIFF22. Teen misfits Roma, Toto, and Drop call themselves the “Don Glees,” an informal name for their backyard adventures. One day, when the trio gets blamed for a nearby forest fire, they set off into the woods to prove their innocence. As disaster strikes their expedition, […]

Tomorrow Morning – Release News

Tomorrow Morning is coming to UK cinemas from 9th September and will be on DVD from 17th October. In this timeless universal love story, the clock ticks down to two monumental days in the life of Bill and Catherine. Two perspectives of one story collide across time, seen in parallel yet ten years apart: on the eve of […]

The Last Son – Release News

The Last Son is available on digital from 8th August. Brand-new bloody and brutal western THE LAST SON sees Sam Worthington as an outlaw hellbent on ending his evil family line. This fierce feature has a stellar all-star cast including Colson Baker aka musician Machine Gun Kelly, Thomas Jane and Heather Graham and makes its UK debut this August from 101 Films. Directed by Tim Sutton (Donnybrook, Funny Face) […]


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