Hello Readers I am Darren (Newguy87)


I am a huge film fan and will watch, promote, review and generally chat about any and all films. I am always willing to chat films of any genre, any budget or any quality. I do love to watch a good indie film and always like to see what the next generation of film makers and actors are going to be offering.

Daily Film Review at 4PM

Saturday & Sunday 4pm – Feature Weekend.

The ABC Film Challenge Through the year. (This will be daily post for the first 27 days of the month)
January – What I Enjoyed the year before
February – Oscar Nominated Movies
March – Random Movies
April – My Personal Favourites
May – Action Movies
June – World Cinema
July – Crime
August – Franchises
September – Thrillers
October – Horror Movies
November – James Bond Month
December – What I am looking Forward to Next year

Opinion Battles is still here, we have dropped to once a month which will go up on the first of Saturday of the month.

If you would like to know anything else about any of these features email moviereviews101@yahoo.co.uk

You can follow me on Twitter here – @newguyreview101

Like us on Facebook here – https://www.facebook.com/NewguysMovieReviews101/

Smashbomb is a new social media site I have joined, you can follow me here


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