Hello Readers I am Darren (Newguy87)me

I am a huge film fan and will watch, promote, review and generally chat about any and all films. I am always willing to chat films of any genre, any budget or any quality. I do love to watch a good indie film and always like to see what the next generation of film makers and actors are going to be offering.

On this site I host Opinion Battles, Fantasy Film Casting, Top 5 Lists, Weekend Specials and Reviews, the schedule looks like this,

Monday 12pm – Opinion Battles or Results alternating each week.

Monday 4pm – Film review from within a year of the time of post.

Tuesday 12pm – Watched List where I look at a group of films I have seen.

Tuesday 4pm – Film Review usually just a random film between 2001 – 2016

Wednesday 12pm – Fantasy Film Casting Written and Hopefully Podcast Soon.

Wednesday 4pm – Vintage Wednesday where it will be a film from pre-2000.

Thursday 12pm – Top 5 List.

Thursday 4pm – Film Review within the last year of release.

Friday 4pm – Film Review either part of the weekend or a random film 2001 -2016.

Friday Midnight – Horror Movie

Saturday & Sunday 4pm – Feature Weekend.

January 12pm – Award season with a new Best or Worst every day.

October there will be a horror movie every midnight.

If you would like to know anything else about any of these features email moviereviews101@yahoo.co.uk

If you want to suggest any films for Fantasy Film Casting or even be on the potential podcast drop us a message.

You can follow me on Twitter here – @newguyreview101

Like us on Facebook here – https://www.facebook.com/NewguysMovieReviews101/

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