A Town Full of Ghosts (2022) Movie Review ‘Found Footage 101’

A Town Full of Ghosts is an intriguing found footage film.

Director: Isaac Rodriguez

Writer: Isaac Rodriguez (Screenplay)

Starring: Andrew C Fisher, Mandy Lee Rubio, Sarah Froelich, Keekee Suki, Ali Alkhafaji, Lauren Lox

Plot: A couple moves into a forgotten ghost town with big plans to restore it, but soon discovers the town has an evil secret.

Runtime: 1 Hour 7 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: A Town Full of Ghosts starts as married couple Mark (Fisher) and Jenna (Rubio) purchase an abandoned town of Blackwood Falls in hopes of turning into a holiday resort. Hundreds of miles away from anywhere else, documenting everything on camera. Having Mark’s cousin Justin (Alkhafaji) and his girlfriend Lisa (Lox) to help out with the recording.

As the nights come, the people in the town start hearing noises. Leading them to start learning more about the history of the town, one that will leave them shocked with the truth.

Thoughts on A Town Full of Ghosts

Characters & Performances – Mark and Jenna are the couple that have given up everything to build this town into a vacation resort. Finding that not everything is what they had planned, with more work needing to be done. They are both escaping their own personal loss, looking to support each other in this move. Mark hoping to make a success of the internet videos for his success.

Justin is the cousin, who takes over most of the camerawork in the film. Helping Mark get more videos out. A Town Full of Ghosts does have solid performances for what is going on, a lot of meant to be awkward feelings about being recorded, which they show off well.


The story here will follow the couple looking to start a fresh life with a massive project to keep them busy to move on with their lives after what has happened. Only to learn the history of the town has more up its sleeve for the couple than they could imagine.

The film starts by saying this is the recording discovered here, this will make it clear that we know what is likely to happen by the end. We are now in the journey to get there. The reason for recording is always the major question in found footage. A Town Full of Ghosts creates a good reason, they are trying to create interest for investment. Without this, they will be left with nothing. The story will unfold like you would imagine, which is fine. It doesn’t need to go to intense to get the scares’ along the way.


A Town Full of Ghosts is a horror found footage movie. That will use the isolated location to creating the distance from safety for the characters. As well as using the day night cycle to bring an increase to the horror being experienced. There will be a lot of ‘The Blair Witch Project’ in this one, as in certain things that happen, not just the found footage concept.

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