Elephant Refugees (2020) Movie Review

Elephant Refugees – Movie Review

Elephant Refugees

Director: Louise Hogarth

Plot: There is a crisis of elephantine proportions playing out in the dry sandy Kalahari woodlands of eastern Botswana. A determined family of caring people is caught in the middle of the drama. Life changed forever for the family when climate change intensified the frequent droughts, and hundreds of elephants arrived at Elephant Sands Bush Camp to drink water from the ancient pan.

Runtime: 1 Hour 22 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict on Elephant Refugees

Elephant Refugees is a documentary that explores the alarming rise in elephant numbers in Botswana. They find themselves getting closer to humans in getting water, a resource that is becoming increasingly harder to find. The movie follows camps that have looked to tackle the problem and the damage being caused.

This is important to see that a massive change, like the trophy hunting ban, will cause other effects. The people affected to bring a calm approach to wanting changes, ones that almost laugh it off. But the strict rules in the country mean they can’t help the injured elephants.

The movie looks to explore how other elephants have come to Botswana for security. As they try to understand how elephants communicate over long distances. It is nice to see how despite the pain it causes humans, the solution is looked at as peaceful.

Final ThoughtsElephant Refugees is an interesting documentary.

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