Off Track (2022) Movie Review


Off Tracks – Movie Review

Director: Marten Klingberg

Writer: Maria Karlsson (Screenplay)


  • Fredrik Hallgren
  • Katia Winter
  • Rakel Warmlander
  • Ulf Stenberg

Plot: A mid-age hipster in Stockholm is a training freak and trains for the 90 km ski race Vasaloppet. His sister is the opposite, no job, drinks but has a daughter. Suddenly secrets reveal and promises are made.

Runtime: 1 Hour 48 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Off Tracks starts as we meet determined police officer Daniel (Hallgren). He is married to Klara (Warmlander) and the pair have their routines. Meanwhile, Daniel’s sister Lisa (Winter) doesn’t have a job, and spends her night drinking on the days she doesn’t have her daughter.

When Lisa hits rock bottom and finds custody of her child at risk, she moves in with Daniel. Daniel encourages Lisa to join him on the ski slopes for fresh air. However, Lisa ends up agreeing to join Daniel in the gruelling 90 km ski race Vasaloppet. Could this be the chance for Lisa to follow through and finish something for once?

Verdict on Off Tracks

Off Tracks is a comedy that follows two siblings that are going through very different problems in their lives. They keep them quiet from each other while preparing for a gruelling traditional ski race. As they spend more time together, they let their problems boil over causing bigger problems in their lives.

This is a comedy-drama showing that people will have struggles in their lives. They will get worse if they don’t communicate with loved ones and eventually cause bigger problems in life. It shows the commitment needed for the long-distance race and it parallels life problems. The performances from the leads Fredrik Hallgren and Katia Winter are both great, showing the problems their characters go through.

Where to Watch: Off Tracks is available to watch on Netflix.

Final Thoughts Off Tracks is a fun comedy drama, showing the importance of addressing life’s problems.

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