Live Health (2021) Short Movie Review

Live Health – Movie Review

Live Health

Director: Jamie Cox, Timothy J Cox

Writer: Timothy J Cox (Screenplay)


  • Timothy J Cox
  • Nancy Kellogg Gray
  • Matthew Harris
  • Becca Robinson
  • Bob Rutan

Plot: A day in the life of therapist Dr. Peter Marcus who, due to the pandemic, now conducts sessions with his patients online.

Runtime: 9 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict on Live Health

Live Health is a short drama that follows Dr Peter Marcus (Cox) as he adapts to help patients online. Each patient has a different problem; however, Peter is struggling with the lack of personal connection with the patients.

This is a drama that seems to borrow from In Treatment, showing a therapist that is struggling to treat their patients. The problems are all realistic and would naturally need therapy. However, it is one that is heavily using the Covid pandemic to push the problems through. Everything in this one feels like a nice setup, but it does feel like one that needs that little extra to fully show the problems it has been causing Dr Marcus.

Final Thoughts Live Health is an interesting early entry to showing medical professional changes.

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