Pillow Party Massacre (2023) Movie Review

Pillow Party Massacre – Movie Review

Pillow Party massacre

Director: Calvin Morie McCarthy

Writer: Calvin Morie McCarthy (Screenplay)


Plot: Five girls, five best friends, all haunted by their past mistakes of an April Fools prank gone fatally wrong, meet again after two years for a summer week long getaway in the woods to reconnect and reconcile.

Runtime: 1 Hour 27 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Pillow Party Massacre starts when Sam (Welsh), Alana (Kellington), Barbra (Shurts) and Miles (Sweeney) see a prank go wrong. Two years later, they meet for a week-long getaway for the summer.

As the friends head out to their location, they learn about the escape of a patient from the local psychiatric hospital. There is some worry about it being their former friend Ashley (Jones), but the girls need a chance to relax. As the week unfolds, the girls find themselves coming under attack by a masked attack. and they wonder if their past has come back to haunt them.

Verdict on Pillow Party Massacre

Pillow Party Massacre is a horror slasher following a group of friends reuniting a couple of years after a prank went wrong. It sees them trying to put their difference aside until they learn their past has returned to haunt them.

This does everything to set up a classic slasher concept. It creates the moment that creates a traumatic moment that changes lives. The idea the surviving friends come together to reunite to deal with the situation and start getting picked off works on every level of a slasher movie.

However, the clear weakness is that it does take a while before the rampage starts happening. We do spend a lot of time trying to focus on the friends getting back to knowing each other. Once we get to the killer hunting the girls down, it never feels as suspenseful as it could, and this holds this back from being a potential break-out slasher.

Final ThoughtsPillow Party Massacre is a by-the-book slasher movie.

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