Conjuring: The Beyond (2022) Movie Review

Conjuring: The Beyond – Movie Review


Director: Calvin Morie McCarthy

Writer: Calvin Morie McCarthy (Screenplay)


  • Victoria Grace Borrello
  • Steve Larkin
  • Joe Meggison
  • Erik Skybak
  • Stephanie Leet

Plot: A sleep study goes awry when participants start to go missing.

Runtime: 1 Hour 31 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Conjuring: The Beyond starts when a young woman Wanda (Borrello) has been struggling after her divorce. She has found a sleep study held by Dr Pretorious (Larkin) that she wants to use to handle her anxiety. Joined by other patients, the experiment starts with hypnosis.

After the first session, Wanda and the other patients start having terrifying nightmares of a figure visiting them. As they start disappearing, one by one, Wanda looks to solve the mystery of the figure that is visiting them.

Verdict on Conjuring: The Beyond

Conjuring: The Beyond is a horror thriller that follows a woman trying to deal with her own anxiety in life by taking part in a sleep study. This soon spirals out of control, as she finds herself dealing with a terrifying figure that comes for the patients during their sleep.

The story does offer up a nice mystery but it does feel like it ends up falling flat around how everything unfolds. When it comes to the pure haunting moments, they do offer up a scary situation using sleep paralysis as the main terror.

These performances in the film are great, where nobody looks out of place when it comes to dealing with terror. The location involved uses isolation to create tension between the people.

Where to Watch: Conjuring the Beyond will arrive on September 13 on DVD and Digital, VOD platforms including iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, Xbox, Vudu, as well as local cable and satellite providers.

Final ThoughtsConjuring: The Beyond is a solid horror movie that leaves too much hidden.

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