Captain Nova (2021) Movie Review

Captain Nova – ABC Film Challenge – World Cinema – C – Captain Nova – Movie Review

Captain Nova

Director: Maurice Trouwborst

Writer: Lotte Tabbers, Maurice Trouwborst (Screenplay)


  • Kika van de Vijver
  • Marouane Meftah (De Tatta’s)
  • Sander van der Pavert (Promenade)
  • Hannah van Lunteren (Lang & gelukkig)
  • Anniek Pheifer (Aanmodderfakker)

Plot: A fighter pilot travels back in time to save the future world from environmental disaster, but a side-effect turns her young again and no one takes her seriously.

Runtime: 1 Hour 26 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Captain Nova starts when a fighter pilot Nova (Pheifer) travels through a wormhole on a secret mission. However, when she arrives in the present day, she has returned to her younger self (Vijver). Nove is discovered by fellow teenager Nas (Meftah) who helps her escape.

As the pair go on the run, they find themselves being chased down by Claire (Lunteren) a special agent trying to understand the situation. The teenagers continue on Nova’s mission to locate Simon Valk Junior (Bleij) to prevent an environmental disaster.

Verdict on Captain Nova

Captain Nova is a sci-fi thriller following a fighter pilot who travels back in time to try and stop an environmental disaster. However, her mission takes a turn when she returns to her age in the time she has travelled to. She must convince the people involved that they must stop the disaster the next generation suffers through.

This is a movie that brings an environmental message to the table. It uses time travel and sci-fi ideas to show a bleak future because of today’s mistakes. This is told in a fun adventure-filled journey for teenagers. There is a charm and colourful characters throughout. The one weakness is that the movie doesn’t seem to put that big of a focus on the bigger picture on the villainous side of things.

Final Thoughts Captain Nova is an enjoyable fun sci-fi adventure movie with a big meaning.

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