Hitmen (2023) Movie Review


Hitmen – Movie Review

Director: Savvas D Michael

Writer: Savvas D Michael (Screenplay)


Plot: Michael Hero, a powerful CEO, seeks vengeance for the murder of his grandson by offering a one-million-dollar bounty for the assassination of his grandson’s accidental killers, attracting the world’s leading assassins to the task at hand.

Runtime: 1 Hour 47 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Hitmen starts when the grandson of Michael Hero (Roberts) gets killed in an altercation in a pub. Luke (Caltagirone) and Lauren Loveday (Brabin-Platt) get off with self-defence. Meanwhile, Michael isn’t taking this decision lightly and puts a bounty on their heads.

Paris Hero (Summers) leads the hitmen out to eliminate the Lovedays, as a string of assassins from around the world head to London. They must put their marriage problems to one side and figure out how to get out of the situation.

Verdict on Hitmen

Hitmen follows a group of assassins set to kill a couple that killed a rich man’s grandson. They were defending themselves in a bar fight, leading to the rich man demanding the execution of the couple. However, not everything goes as smoothly as anyone involved planned.

This is a crime thriller that looks to create a vengeance narrative. It has an easy set-up with a bounty on the head of the people who killed a family member. However, with what feels like endless introductions to each assassin, we find ourselves being taken out of the intensity desired. It is hard to keep up with who is on which side as not enough is learnt about the assassins sticking out. The performances don’t add that much to the movie either as nobody stands out.

Hitmen is available from 5th June 2023 – DVD, Blu-ray, all VOD platforms and select cinemas.

Final Thoughts Hitmen is a thriller that lacks the intensity it could easily have had.

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