I’m an Electric Lampshade (2021) Movie Review

I’m an Electric Lampshade – Movie Review

Electric Lampshade

Director: John Clayton Doyle

Plot: This documentary-narrative hybrid tells the story of Doug McCorkle, a buttoned-up, mild-mannered corporate accountant. After retiring at age 60, Doug puts his marriage and life savings on the line to chase his wildest dream.

Runtime: 1 Hour 36 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict on I’m an Electric Lampshade

I’m an Electric Lampshade is a documentary following a mild-mannered accountant who retires and enters a new stage of his life. Doug McCorkle has always been seen as a calm presence but deep down he wants to be a performer. In his retirement, Doug takes this up and brings an unusual style of music to sweep the underground culture.

This is a movie that shows that you never know what people are passionate about. It proves people can surprise you and find an audience in a world nobody could see them in. This does show that we could chase dreams with a mix of talent and acceptance of every other culture around us.

The movie does take us into a style of music not everyone is going to enjoy. However, this isn’t so much about the music, it is about finding your place in that world you love. This does give us a few unique songs that people can enjoy with the techno-type sound.

Final Thoughts I’m an Electric Lampshade is an interesting documentary about following your dream.

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