Fighting Olympus (2023) Movie Review


Fighting Olympus – Movie Review

Director: Julian Hampton

Writer: Julian Hampton (Screenplay)


Plot: When a retired police officer learns his brother has been captured by a secret society, he must infiltrate the cult to expose their crimes and rescue his brother. In this unique action/crime drama, a man must choose between family and the call of duty..

Runtime: 1 Hour 38 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Fighting Olympus starts when SWAT officer Biddle (Mathis) looks to retire, leaving his brother Rucker (Jones) with a strong team. Biddle takes a job as a cameraman for reporter Ayasha (Kaur) who works on the risker stories.

When an incident happens Biddle and Ayasha are reportedly killed. This leads to Rucker going in search of answers. However, when he starts his investigation, he finds himself in a world he wasn’t prepared for, unlike anything he has been through before.

Verdict on Fighting Olympus

Fighting Olympus is an action movie with a fantasy twist. The movie follows a SWAT officer going into the underworld in search of his missing brother. However, the world is nothing like what he has experienced before.

This is a very unique spin on the action revenge movie. While at the core we have a brother searching for his brother using his SWAT skills to give him an advantage. However, this brings us into a world with human figures in a Greek God status. The different concepts behind each figure and their actions are put into the journey.

This movie gets to explore two great story concepts. It can be watched as a simple action revenge movie with fancy code names. However, it can also be watched in a modern telling for the Gods of Olympus.

The performances in the movie are strong throughout, as the leads get to show conflict skills. On the other hand, we get to see the stars make the most of their larger-than-life characters.

Where to Watch: Fighting Olympus is available on Tubi.

Final Thoughts Fighting Olympus is a clever, unique and original spin on an action story.

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