Collision Course (2021) Movie Review

Collision Course – Movie Review

Collision Course

Director: Bolanle Austen-Peters

Writer: James Amuta(Screenplay)


  • Daniel Etim Effiong
  • Kelechi Udegbe
  • Chioma Akpotha
  • Bimbo Manuel
  • Ade Laoye

Plot: The lives of an aspiring musician and a struggling police officer come crashing into each other in this powerful story about how one day can change everything.

Runtime: 1 Hour 15 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Collision Course starts when aspiring musician Mide (Effiong) is starting to see his music noticed, despite his father not wanting him to follow this career. Meanwhile, struggling police officer Magnus (Udegbe) is drawn into the underworld of crime, as an option to feed his family.

As the pair go about their days in very different worlds, they will see them come crashing down. When Magnus is pushed too far and Mide happens to be in the wrong place and at the wrong time.

Verdict on Collision Course


Mide is an aspiring musician that has spent his studying career getting a law degree. He is about to become a father and his own father disapproves of his music career choice. Mide does have the ups and downs within the music world but remains positive about what he is doing.

Magnus is a police officer that is struggling to make ends meet for his family. He is offered a role in a criminal underworld but resists the consequences this could cause people. Over this day, he finds himself drawn toward this life more than ever before.

In the supporting characters, we get the loved ones of Mide who have a mixed response to certain decisions he makes in life. We also get the people who have been putting pressure on Magnus during his time of need.


Daniel Etim Effiong and Kelechi Udegbe are the two leads in the movie. They both give us great performances that show the different lives their characters live. One is on top of the world, while the other is struggling to hold his together.


The story follows two men over the course of one day who live different lives. Fate brings them together in a moment that changes both their lives forever.

This story gets to address the social unrest happening between classes in Nigeria. It shows how the police can be caught up in the middle of doing the right thing or looking after their families. While also shows that people are willing to chase dreams, in this case, a music one.

The story keeps the two apart for large parts of the movie, where they can be seen getting tested about things going against them. this all leads to the meeting between the two and how things change for them.


Collison Course is an action thriller that shows the aggressive tactics used to rob people. While we get glimpses of the side effects, we could easily have dived deeper into them. However, this can be explained more by showing how the film is meant to take place over one day. There is more focus on the discussion brought forward, rather than the action, which isn’t needed for that much and doesn’t get overused.

Where to Watch: Collison Course is available on Netflix.

Final Thoughts Collison Course is a tense thriller, with a bigger talking point.

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