Another Christmas (2022) Movie Review

Another Christmas – Movie Review

Another Christmas

Director: Stacie Davis

Writer: Stacie Davis, Tamarah Francis (Screenplay)


  • Ryan Toby (Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit)
  • Sheena Faust (Why Am I Still Single)
  • Malik Brazile (Negative Exposure)
  • Cristofher Griffin

Plot: Kelly Brooks is an elementary school teacher who gave up on love during the holiday season until her childhood friend Andrew a professional baseball player returns home to win Kelly’s heart for Christmas.

Runtime: 1 Hour 13 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Another Christmas starts when Andrew Davis (Brazile) returns home for Christmas. He finds his family are having problems as he looks to win the heart of his childhood friend, Kelly (Faust).

As Andrew starts taking advice from other family members, he must learn how to approach love. On the other hand, Kelly must learn that some people are good and learn to let people into her life. Christmas offers the perfect opportunity for the spark to fly.

Verdict on Another Christmas

Another Christmas is a family-friendly Christmas movie. The movie brings together families and couples that are dealing with expectations leading to Christmas. This includes a marriage that is struggling to keep its sparks, a former pairing looking to come back together along with other couples’ issues.

This movie is only around an hour long, which shows that we don’t get enough time to deal with most of the issues. With this time limit, it shows that the ideas are basic to solving the problems. When it comes to the problems, each one is a typical problem too, which doesn’t help give the story a unique feel about it.

The performances bring plenty to the movie, as the actors have all the charm needed to keep this movie rolling along nicely.

Final Thoughts Another Christmas is a by-the-book cheery Christmas movie.

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