Becoming Abi – Season One – Review

Becoming Abi – Season One – Review

Becoming Abi

Director: Bolu Essien, Terrel Ejem

Cast: Bolu Essien, Juliana Olayode, Seun Ajayi, Biodun Stephen, Stan Nze, Ifeanyi Kalu, Opeyemi Akintunde

Story: Inspired by true life events, “Becoming Abi” is loosely based on Bolu’s experiences while working in an advertising agency. “Becoming Abi” follows the journey of a young millennial who goes and grows through many daunting challenges while working in one of Nigeria’s leading Advertising agencies. This intriguing six-part Dramedy series shows how a seemingly young “Abi” navigates her new workplace – co-existing with her new bosses, exploring friendship, love triangles, and faith, in a fun, quirky, and relatable way.

Thoughts on Becoming Abi

Becoming Abi uses the look back to how we got here style like ‘How I Met Your Mother’ with Abi telling us about her rise through the marketing world. following in the footsteps of other famous characters in sitcoms, like JD in ‘Scrubs’ or Eleanor in ‘The Good Place.’ Abi must navigate a new environment, that sees her make friends and enemies within her first couple of days. It is a high-pressure job that could make or break her career.

As the series rolls on, we see the ups and downs of rising up the ranks in advertisements. The challenges that come with success and the challenges of recovering when things go wrong.

It does take a couple of episodes before we search Abi’s personal life, which can take the back burner from the career world. There isn’t enough time to explore the lives of the supporting characters, where Abi is always the main character in each episode. It might have been nice to see the motivation behind others’ actions, to build working relationships between them.

When it comes to comedy, it comes off well, as Abi often has moments talking to herself in her mind. This brings to life the idea that you would talk things through in your head, and have alternative takes on a situation too.

Final Thoughts on Becoming Abi

Becoming Abi is a fun Dramedy, it has laughs, strong performances and an over arcing story of Abi’s rise in the industry.

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