Hellhole (2022) Movie Review


Hellhole – Movie Review

Director: Bartosz M Kowalski

Writer: Bartosz M Kowalski, Mirella Zaradkiewicz (Screenplay)


  • Olaf Lubaszenko
  • Piotr Zurawski
  • Sebastian Stankiewicz

Plot: In 1987 Poland, a police officer investigating mysterious disappearances infiltrates a remote monastery and discovers a dark truth about its clergy.

Runtime: 1 Hour 28 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Hellhole starts when a police officer Marek goes to a monastery pretending to be a priest preparing for an exorcism.  As Marek enters the monastery, he learns about the mysterious way the clergy operates. It doesn’t take him long to learn something isn’t right there as he starts his investigation.

Only the clergy aren’t going to let one nosey police officer take away their rituals. As Marek gets deeper into the case, he starts to learn a disturbing truth about the clergy and what they have been hiding.

Verdict on Hellhole

Hellhole is a horror mystery that dives deep into the mysteries of the church. Following an investigation into an isolated monastery that is believed to be up to mysterious beliefs. This takes us down the path of a detective trying to understand the truth about unusual stories about the monastery.

When it comes to Polish horrors Bartosz M Kowalski has built himself a reputation for doing something different with certain genre pieces. This can be seen in ‘Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight’ . Hellhole brings us these twists on a typical genre piece again. The movie might well follow a typical start but by the end. It has gone in a direction you would never have imagined, one that has more horror in it than you could take. The phrase ‘It’s how you leave them’ is paramount for this movie as it brings us one of the most shocking conclusions to any movie this year.

Where to Watch: Hellhole is available to watch on Netflix.

Final Thoughts Hellhole leaves you with a shocking conclusion.

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