Wreck – Episode 6 – Water Off a Duck’s Back – Recap

Wreck – Episode 6 – Water Off a Duck’s Back – Recap

Water Off a Duck's Back

Director: Chris Baugh

Writer: Ryan J Brown (Screenplay)


  • Oscar Kennedy
  • Thaddea Graham
  • Alice Nokes
  • Jodie Tyack
  • Georgia Goodman

Plot: Jamie finds himself in a lethal dead end with seemingly no way out. But after a surprise intervention brings some momentary respite, he learns that others are in peril, and it will be a race against the clock to save them. Jamie tells the shocked crew about the true horrors happening on board and desperately tries to enlist them in his battle against the powers that be. Having come such a long way since the start of his journey, Jamie must find the inner courage to become the leader he knows deep down he is. He came on board with a mission and he’s determined to see it through to the end.

Runtime: 47 Minutes

There will be spoilers in the rest of the recap

Story: Water Off a Duck’s Back starts as Jamie knows the truth and that Vivian is going to be the next victim, handpicked by Lily. Meanwhile, returning to Pippa’s time on board, she had the proof and was looking to escape, having a contact who was helping her.

As the Captain reveals everything that goes on to Jamie, is still questioning what happened to Pippa. Learning that the ship has been doing this for over a century. Explaining how Sam had been clearing up messes in the past, including Danny.

As the Captain kills Sam, it shows the pain on Karen’s face for losing one of her men. The rest of the officers are ordered to learn who else knows about the secrets, only for Cormac and Rosie to save them.

Jamie looks to rally together the rest of the crew to fight back against the officers and end the twisted games being played on board. This leads to the ship losing complete control, with Karen wanting to call everything off. As the battle rages on in corridors, Jamie looks to save Vivian from the last game on board.

Verdict on Water Off a Duck’s Back

Water Off a Duck’s Back is an excellent ending to the series. It brings everything previously brought together with the connections made along the way for the final battle. Even if the show never hinted at this direction in the early episodes. It keeps us truly engaged in the final two episodes.

The battles between the crew and officers are set up like a true rebellion while being completely involved in the passenger game adds all the intensity we lacked in previous episodes. Having a hint that something bigger than everyone on board is here still, even if the bigger gore factor is held back on.

This ends up becoming ‘Hostel on a Boat’. Which works out to be very clever, despite the slow pace reaching here. We could easily return to another ship with many members of this crew leading the fight.

Where to Watch: Wreck is available on BBC iPlayer Now.

Final Thoughts Water Off a Duck’s Back has a brilliant conclusion that completes the chaos perfectly.

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