Wreck – Episode 5 – Need in a Gaystack – Recap

Wreck – Episode 5 – Needle in a Gaystack – Recap

Needle in a Gaystack

Director: Chris Baugh

Writer: Ryan J Brown (Screenplay)


  • Oscar Kennedy
  • Thaddea Graham
  • Alice Nokes
  • Jodie Tyack
  • Georgia Goodman

Plot: Whilst Vivian and Lily’s relationship reaches new heights, Jamie finds himself in a terrifying situation and must use all his courage and strength to escape. Once reunited, Jamie tells Vivian and the rest of his gang what he’s discovered. Together, they form a plan to collect evidence and tell the world what they’ve uncovered. With each of Jamie’s trusted inner circles given a task, the group split up, allowing Jamie and Olly to finally have a moment together. But as our gang go about their business, Jamie uncovers that the truth of what happened to Pippa is just the tip of the iceberg. The Sacramentum is home to a chilling secret bigger than any of them imagined.

Runtime: 42 Minutes

There will be spoilers in the rest of the recap

Story: Needle in a Gaystack starts in the aftermath of the officer’s attack on Jamie. Returning to Pippa’s dates with Sam, as she is waiting to leave, showing the relationship the pair once had. The most important part is Pippa seeing what the Officers get up to on board.

Jamie discovers another dead body, as Sam needs to prove himself to the other officers after his mistake. This leads to Jamie escaping, as the rest of the crew searches for Vivian. As the group regroup, Jamie, Vivian, Ollie, Cormac, Rosie and Lily must search for proof. Karen the head officer puts everyone on searching duties, leaving the six with little hope but to hide out until they find escape or answers.

What the group discover is much bigger than they ever imagined, going deeper into the ship. Leading to Jamie and Ollie discovering the secret base and learning what is going on with the company. The guests are involved in a twisted game on board, using the lowest-paid employees on the ship.

Verdict on Needle in a Gaystack

Needle in a Gaystack brings the show back in the very best direction. Taking everything in a more focused direction, showing the two sides of what has been happening on the ship. We have a clear divide in place, which has helped put everything back in a direction that is filled with suspense. With us learning everything at the same time Jamie does.

The reveal of what has really been going on is fantastic, even if it still isn’t going down the same path as the slasher concept suggested. We are now left with one episode to see if Jamie can escape now he knows the truth or will the crew need to deal with him too. The big question about everything remains though, Why was Danny picked off?

Where to Watch: Wreck is available on BBC iPlayer Now.

Final Thoughts Needle in a Gaystack is the best episode since the first, more focused and delivers the twist we needed.

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