Jurassic Domination (2022) Movie Review

Jurassic Domination – ABC Film Challenge – Horror – J – Jurassic Domination – Movie Review

Jurassic Domination

Director: Brian Nowak

Writer: Jason Tozier (Screenplay)


Plot: When two military-made, weaponized dinosaurs attack a small mountain town, it’s up to the sheriff to figure out a way to stop the creatures before the dinos escape and wreak havoc nationwide.

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Jurassic Domination starts when a military convey sees a weaponized dinosaur escape. General Greer (Roberts) sends two teams to clean up the problems, Colonel Ramirez (Bernadette) and Major Tanner (Pearson) to solve the problem and reclaim the asset.

As the hunt for the dinosaurs starts, the soldiers learn that the dinosaurs are a lot smarter than they thought. As they must work together to solve the problem before civil life is put in danger.

Verdict on Jurassic Domination

Jurassic Domination is a sci-fi horror movie that follows a random group of soldiers that must contain escaped dinosaurs. This does everything that you would expect the first basic idea would, without being able to create enough to make it any different than the typical basic story.

The battle to survive is real, the dinosaurs are dangerous and the location works to create the contained environment required for the soldiers. The problems start with the disposable cast as we never feel overly invested in anyone’s fight to survive. As well as the biggest names remaining away from most of the action. It all feels very flat and rushed rather than going over some of the dialogue and action ideas to make them more intense.

Final Thoughts Jurassic Domination is a basic dinosaur hunting movie.

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