Wreck – Episode 4 – The Sacramentum Slasher – Recap

Wreck – Episode 4 – The Sacramentum Slasher – Recap

The Sacramentum Slasher

Director: Chris Baugh

Writer: Ryan J Brown (Screenplay)


  • Oscar Kennedy
  • Thaddea Graham
  • Alice Nokes
  • Jodie Tyack
  • Georgia Goodman

Plot: Jamie gains an unexpected ally on board, who promises to investigate Velorum from the inside and get the answers he’s desperate for. Meanwhile, as Vivian and Lily grow closer, an unpleasant encounter will force Vivian to face lingering internal doubts. Armed with new information, Jamie and Vivian visit a new area of the ship and make a surprising discovery there, one that deepens the mystery of what happened to Pippa further. However, Jamie’s new ally puts paid to his theory that there’s a slasher on board the ship, the truth is much, much darker than that….

Runtime: 47 Minutes

There will be spoilers in the rest of the recap

Story: The Sacramentum Slasher starts by showing more of the relationship between the siblings Jamie and Pippa before her disappearance. Before we return back to the ship where Jamie is tracking one of the officers, Sam, the man he believes knows more. While Vivian is getting concerned about Sam on board.

Vivian continues her fling with the first-class passenger, as Cormac plans to finally leave, something Jamie has wanted for weeks now. Jamie finds himself making a new ally in Sam, who reveals he knows who he really is. As Sam takes the blame for Pippa’s disappearance.

Now Jamie is left without any clues and a new narrative about what happened to Pippa. Vivian finds herself being thrown into the middle of a twisted game between siblings, as Sophia starts to regret her decisions, before making a stand with the crew.

Jamie and Vivian find a massive clue, which only leads to more questions, with the new connection being used to search for answers. This will give Jamie a shocking truth, he isn’t prepared for.

Verdict on The Sacramentum Slasher

The Sacramentum Slasher has now committed itself to turn into a murder mystery, stepping away from the implied slasher from episode one. It has turned into a place where it is one clue, discussing it and moving on. This is starting to feel more repetitive than anything else. There is way too much focus on the romances that Jamie and Vivian find themselves in. Even if they are written well, they are taking away from the mystery.

The show is trying too hard to bring a twist in almost every scene, with most not connecting well enough. A revolt by Sophia feels like it is filler for the episode, taking away the vital focus needed on Jamie’s story. The final sequence of this episode, it does feel like we are going to be getting into the bigger story.

Where to Watch: Wreck is available on BBC iPlayer Now.

Final Thoughts The Sacramentum Slasher has continued to grow clues and with a twist that gives the remaining episodes hope.

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