Woman on the Roof (2022) Kinoteka 2023 Movie Review


Woman on the Roof – Kinoteka 2023 Movie Review

Director: Anna Jabowska

Writer: Anna Jabowska (Screenplay)


Plot: Inspired from the real-life story of an elderly woman committing a bank robbery.

Runtime: 1 Hour 37 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Woman on the Roof starts when 60-year-old Mira (Pomykala) wakes up to do her typical morning routine. However, this day is different as she decides to rob a bank at knifepoint. It doesn’t take long to capture her and now her family husband Julek (Koca) and son Mariusz (Bobik) would like answers.

Mira continues to act strange in her everyday life, as everybody tries to figure out what caused her action. However, it was just the beginning of her questionable action, and it becomes clear she needs help.

Verdict on Woman on the Roof

Woman on the Roof is a drama following an older woman as she starts to struggle with the changes in her life. She decides to commit a crime that leads to a series of domino effects in her life.

This movie gets to show the side effects of big changes in life. It uses the changes happening to people with their age and lifestyles as well as debts that cause extra stress. This paints everything perfectly to show how Mira is struggling without getting any help from her loved ones. The movie has a wonderful leading performance from Dorota Pomykala showing the change in her characters life.

Where to Watch: Woman on the Roof is showing at Kinoteka 2023 on the 12th of March, you can buy tickets here.

Final ThoughtsWoman on the Roof is a powerful look at how change can cause major effects in life.

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