Heart Parade (2022) Movie Review ‘Delightfully Charming’

Heart Parade – Delightfully Charming Movie

Heart Parade Poster

Director: Filip Zylber

Writer: Wiktor Piatkowski, Natalia Matuszek, Marianna Pochron (Screenplay)

Cast: Anna Prochniak, Michal Czernecki, Iwo Rajski, Piotr Rogucki, Monika Krzywkowska

Plot: A careerist from Warsaw, who does not like dogs, has to go to Kraków for professional reasons. Where she meets a charming widower, his son and their four-legged pet.

Runtime: 1 Hour 48 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Heart Parade starts as career driven Magda (Prochniak) sees her hopes of a promotion dashed. After she lets her boss’s Zula (Krzywkowska) dog die, she gets fired and dumped in the same day. Wanting to rebuild her reputation, Magda looks to learn more about a dachshund competition.

Magda travels to Kraków for the competition, accepting a room from Krzysztof (Czernecki). One his son Karol (Rajski) put online hoping to find her father a new woman, after his mother’s death. After spending time with the family. She starts to enjoy the quieter life for the first time in years.

Thoughts on Heart Parade

Characters & Performances

Magda is career driven woman, who has spent her life planning everything in her life. She has a plan for when she gets married, have kids and her career plan. Losing everything, she looks to win back her life by covering a new story, where journalists aren’t welcome. Stepping into a new city, she must get used to the slow life. It doesn’t take long before she finds herself taking over, with her organisation ability. She starts to enjoy this quieter life, one where she can enjoy life more.

Krzysztof is the widowed father living in Krakow. He does everything for his son and their dog Trombone. He left his dreams behind to raise his son, left love life behind after his wife’s death. Now he will get the chance to start a new romance, as his son wants to grow up.

Karol is the son, who wants to help his father fall in love again. He is having his own first crush at school. Turning to Magda to help solve both, all while having his loyal friend Trombone next to him.

The performances in the film up next. Anna Prochniak is fantastic in the leading role, showing the two sides of the character. She brings the spark to the movie, something needed to make her shine. Michal Czernecki is great too, being the man used to the quiet life. The supporting cast bring the laughs to the story, as the advice needed in life.


The story here follows the career driven woman who sees her life turned upside down. Needing to find a way to get her career back determined to make a story on a dachshund parade. After spending time in a new city, she learns about what is important in life. Making new friends, love and family along the way.

If you want a movie that will give you a warm fuzzy feeling. This story will do everything it needs to. Giving us a character that needs to improve their life choices. Finding something new in the last place they would every look. The one big downside in the movie, comes from the fact it says Magda has a fear of dogs. She ends up being way to friendly towards them through the film. In the end the story wants to put focus on career versus family life. Showing that the two offer up something very different to different people.


Heart Parade is a romantic comedy. It will use the comedy smartly to get an odd laugh, here and there. Not forcing anything along the way. The romance will come from Magda finding something new in life. A chance to breakaway from a plan she has set in stone. Krakow and Warsaw are used to show the different speeds life happens. One being calm and slow, while the other how everything needs to be planned out.

Final Thoughts Heart Parade is a delightful movie, filled with charm. Leaving you with a warm feeling and a smile on your face.

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