5 Talking Points After Seeing 65


5 Talking Points After Seeing 65

65 has been released in the cinemas as the Adam Driver-led sci-fi action movie. It follows a pilot trying to escort a young girl off an unknown planet back to safety. The planet is filled with dinosaurs and he looks to navigate this world. You can read my full review HERE.


5 Talking Points After Seeing 65

1 – Dinosaurs

The dinosaurs were going to be the major reason I went in to see the movie. 65 brings us a new twist on the dinosaurs in the movie, where they have a much dark lizard presence. The look of the dinosaurs has plenty to make them feel original and even more terrifying that anything we have seen before.

In the movie, we get to see T-Rex in a different light. We dive into a cave system to see dinosaurs that have adapted to that world in darkness. There are also different bugs that are larger than we are used to offering a different threat along the way.

2 – Medical Care Still Hasn’t Improved

Mills is from another universe 65 million years before our current world. He goes on this job to fund medical care for his daughter back on their home planet. This seems to be more of a dig at the healthcare system in our own world because you would imagine that a high-tech world would have created a fully free healthcare system.

3 – Mills Next Adventure

In the final act of the movie Mills and Koa escape Earth before the asteroid hits destroying everything on the planet. This would mean it would be difficult to return to the planet. However, this pure size of the universe created means we could go anywhere for more adventures. We could see more nightmare creatures from different worlds and a returning partnership with Koa. It would be nice to see the pair reteam for the next adventure.

4 – Other Universes

If we continue to build on what the next adventure could be, we could easily dive into other universes. One easy one to jump into could be ‘A Quiet Place’, the creatures have clearly come from out of space. Could we see Mills get into a fight with them on a different planet? The end credits hint that we could be in the same area that A Quiet Place farm too. Elsewhere, we could easily be in the Predator universe as they would have loved to take on dinosaurs. It also would continue their connection with Earth along the way.

5 – Aftermath

65 is set in the past, however, after the crash and before the asteroid we see remains left behind. While most of the materials left behind would have been destroyed, but something could easily have survived with the type of technology in play. We could easily have the discovery of some of the equipment left behind to open up the bigger picture to the universe. It could also see other members of the planet returning to clean up, as well as the early paintings Koa leaves in the caves.

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