65 (2023) Movie Review

65 – Movie Review


Director: Scott Beck, Bryan Woods

Writer: Scott Beck, Bryan Woods (Screenplay)


Plot: An astronaut crash lands on a mysterious planet only to discover he’s not alone.

Runtime: 1 Hour 33 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: 65 starts as an astronaut from a distant world Mills (Driver) must take a more difficult job. He is flying a transport across the universe when it encounters a problem. Mills manages to survive the crash-landing finding only one other fellow survivor Koa (Greenblatt).

The pair must regroup and travel across this new unknown landscape known as Earth. It sees them needing to avoid and fight back against dinosaurs to get to their rescue vessel.

Verdict on 65


Mills is the pilot of the spacecraft that crash lands. He is only on this mission to help fund medical care for his daughter back home. When his ship crash lands, he must do everything he can to search for survivors and learn about the new planet. Once he completes this, he must figure out a way off the planet, without being able to communicate easily with the only other survivor. He puts up a good fight when he comes in contact with the dinosaurs, but shows a softer side to protect the child.

Koa is the young girl and the only other survivor. She doesn’t speak the same language as Mills which sees them needing to communicate in other ways. Koa believes she is heading to her family, despite Mills knowing the truth. She must learn to trust him when it comes to surviving the planet.

Nevine is Mills’ daughter, she is seen in recordings that are there to help Mills continue on his journey. She is filled with hope and optimism despite being ill back on their home planet.


Adam Driver is great in the leading role and working with Ariana Greenblatt. The pair create a partnership similar to most of Arnold Schwarzenegger with the younger person that doesn’t speak the same language partnerships. They both handle the action well, however, Chloe Coleman shines in the recording moments the most in the film. She brings calm to Mills’ life which is much needed and helps evolve his character along the way.


The story follows an astronaut and fellow young survivor of a crash. They need to survive on a planet they have never been to before, one filled with dinosaurs. As they travel the planet, they meet bigger problems, in a race to escape the planet.

The story does keep everything pretty simple, which is fine. We did recently see Monster Hunter do something similar but went way over the top. This pulls things back and explains the reason why they are in the time period in the opening sequence. At the core of this movie, we are seeing two people figuring out how to survive a new world. It builds up how difficult it is with bigger threats but otherwise keeps it an easy entertaining watch.


65 is an action sci-fi horror movie following two survivors trying to survive on a new world filled with dinosaurs. There is a host of disturbing twists on dinosaurs that we have originally seen in the Jurassic Park franchise. These moments of twists on the creations add plenty of scares throughout the movie. For the most part, the effects are brilliant, however, there is one glaring use of greenscreen later in the movie.

Final Thoughts 65 is an action-packed fun movie experience.

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