Top 5 Ghostface Kills

Top 5 Ghostface Kills in the Scream Franchise

Scream has given us five movies over 25 years now, it has given us some of the most memorable kills in any horror movie. It is time to look back at the franchise and pick my top 10 favourite Ghostface kills.

A Couple of Rules:

The kill must be committed by Ghostface, not kills done to a Ghostface.

Full Spoilers will be included in this list, consider this a warning before reading on.

5 – Jenny & Marine – Scream 4

Victim – Jenny & Marine 

Kill – Jenny and Marine are watching the movie within a movie, within a movie. The first two residents of Woodsboro to get picked off in the latest rampage. Once Stab 7 has finished, the pair discuss horror movies and the truth behind the Stab movies. Leading to them hearing noises in their home before Ghostface calls them. It starts as a prank before Ghostface appears to chase Jenny around the home, collecting his first two victims. The opening kills get to play heavily into two of the biggest from the original Scream. The phone call attack and the garage door.

4 – Cici – Scream 2

Victim – Cici  

Kill – Cici is one of the sorority sisters remaining home to be the sober sister. She receives a phone call from Ghostface who uses the chance to target the alone girl in the sorority house. This sees her believing she is being harassed as we see Ghostface sneak into the home.

Much like Drew Barrymore in Scream, seeing Sarah Michelle Gellar as the victim was strange during the Buffy the Vampire Slayer era. Cici finds herself needing to race to the roof for safety, which sees her stabbed and thrown from the roof.

3 – Maureen – Scream 2

Victim – Maureen 

Kill – Maureen has reluctant to agree to join Phil on the date, she openly admits to hating horror movies. She doesn’t like the logic behind it all and finds herself hating the movie. Maureen is waiting in the theatre alone, waiting for Phil to return, only to learn it is in fact Ghostface. The killer stabs her, seeing her make her way to the stage calling for help before dying slowly in front of an audience who believe it is part of the act.

This kill is so memorable because it is such a public kill. It brings forward the question of why people would ever not help somebody in need as she is left feeling as helpless as the audience watching her die.  This continues to show the opening sequence is what makes for the most memorable deaths in the franchise.

2 – Dewey – Scream (2022)

Victim – Dewey

Kill – Dewey has just saved Tara & Richie from the latest Ghostface attack. He has overpowered Ghostface and after getting everyone else to safety, he returns to Ghostface to finish the job. However, Ghostface isn’t dead like he predicts and a minor distraction leads to Dewey becoming the latest victim.

1 – Casey – Scream

Victim – Casey 


Kill – Casey is preparing for a solo movie night before receiving a strange series of phone calls. This sees Ghostface challenge her to a horror quiz. Trapped in her own home, she sees her boyfriend killed before trying to escape. It is one of the most memorable kills in horror movie history and often mistakes as the first kill in Scream.  The brutality in this kill prepares us for what we are going to be experiencing throughout the film. As well as preparing us so that nobody could be safe.

This kill might well be one of the first in the franchise, but it is one that you will never forget. It changes the tone of the movie in an instant, as the most famous star gets killed so early into the movie.

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