Scream 2 (1997) Victim List

Scream 2 The Victim List

Scream VI is about to come to the cinema. Meaning one thing, we have a new Ghostface or Ghostfaces. So, before the movie comes out, it is time to look back through the franchise and try to figure out who the killer is in each individual kill in the movie.

We will be doing this one movie at a time and this will include complete spoilers. Once this is complete, I will be ranking my top 10 favourite Ghostface kills in the franchise. I will not be including anything that happens in a ‘Stab’ movie.

Scream 2

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Victim – Phil 
Phil Scream 2

Kill – Phil joins his date for the premier of the Stab movie, in a chaotic theatre experience. He goes to the bathroom believing he has stumbled into the glory hole. Unfortunately for him, the killer uses it as an opportunity to stab him, leaving him for dead.

Killer – Mickey would be my favourite for this pick. I feel the fact he is a massive film fan, would give him a chance to dive into the cinema undetected and being in the male bathroom. It would make easy logic. There isn’t much to work on trying to solve this one, it could easily be either of them.

Victim – Maureen 
Maureen Scream 2

Kill – Maureen has reluctant to agree to join Phil on the date, she openly admits to hating horror movies. She doesn’t like the logic behind it all and finds herself hating the movie. Maureen is waiting in the theatre alone, waiting for Phil to return, only to learn it is in fact Ghostface. The killer stabs her, seeing her make her way to the stage calling for help before dying slowly in front of an audience who believe it is part of the act.

Killer – Mickey, I think Mickey would have been operating on this night alone. Again, much like Phil’s death, there isn’t much to work on, it could be either of them. However, I am using a motivation to make this selection and Debbie’s is more directed at Sidney.

Victim – Cici   
Cici Scream 2

Kill – Cici is one of the sorority sisters remaining home to be the sober sister. She receives a phone call from Ghostface who uses the chance to target the alone girl in the sorority house. This sees her believing she is being harassed as we see Ghostface sneak into the home. Much like Drew Barrymore in Scream, seeing Sarah Michelle Gellar as the victim was strange during the Buffy the Vampire Slayer era. Cici finds herself needing to race to the roof for safety, which sees her stabbed and thrown from the roof.

Killer – Mickey, this does feel like the most physical kill Ghostface commits and much like the first two, lacks the motivation for Debbie to be involved. It also feels more like a showman-style kill, everything Mickey would represent in the movie. The location is close enough for him to commit the crime and get back to the party, but Debbie is the first reporter on the scene. It feels more like she arranged for it to happen, rather than committed the crime herself.

Victim – Randy 
Randy Scream 2

Kill – Randy has always set up the rules to survive a horror movie. He finds himself on the receiving end of a phone call, before being pulled into a van and killed. His death sends a message to Sidney that not everyone who survived the first movie is going to be safe.

Killer – Debbie, This feels like it would have been the first kill for Debbie because of the argument beforehand. She also seems to target the Woodsboro originals more than anybody else.

Victim – Hallie
Hallie Scream 2

Kill – Hallie is trying to escape to safety with Sidney. They are being escorted by two police officers that have just been killed in a chaotic car crash because of Ghostface. As the tension builds to the escape, Sidney can’t resist seeing who is behind the mask. Only for the killer to appear behind Hallie and kills her.

Killer – Debbie, this feels like a perfect case of Debbie watching Mickey operate. He gets injured and she decides to step up giving him a chance to escape. Even if the film quickly diverts our attention to Debbie on Gail’s side of the story.

Victim – Derek 
Derek Scream 2

Kill – Derek is Sidney’s new boyfriend, and he does become an early suspect. He does everything to try and make sure Sidney is safe only to find himself getting caught up in the middle hazing prank. His death doesn’t have any mystery, about it, as Mickey unmasks to execute him.

Killer – Mickey, no need to explain this one.

Final Ghostface Kill Count in Scream 2: 8

Killer Debbie Salt – 2 Kills. Debbie is Billy’s mother that has pretended to be a journalist to get close to the kills. She keeps herself out of the eye line of Sidney for every scene to keep her identity a secret. Debbie could easily have been the one closest to be involved with injuring Dewey though, as the build-up presents itself more about Mickey’s skills.

Killer Mickey – 6 Kills. Mickey seems to be the one behind most of the attacks, he loves sequels from his classroom conversations. He seems to get more joy out of the attacks than any other killer in the franchise. Mickey does feel hell-bent on piling up bodies.

Who do you think was behind the kills in Scream 2?

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