Translations (2023) Movie Review

Translations – Movie Review

Translations Poster

Director: Keith Wilhelm Kopp

Writer: Laurence Guy (Screenplay)


Plot: When an agoraphobic translator reunites with her deceased brother’s best friend, secrets and passions are revealed.

Runtime: 1 Hour 23 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Translations follows an agoraphobic translator Stef (Morgan-Jones) gets a visit from Evan (Emrys). Evan was her brother Liam’s (Peacock) best friend, and the visitor gets to stir up old memories from their younger years.

Stef and Evan continue to look back on their lives, as they look to understand certain life choices they have made. This leads them to get closer again, despite having spent so many years apart.

Verdict on Translations

Translations is a drama following two people who have lost someone close to them. Stef a brother and Evan a best friend, reunited after years apart to look back on their lives. This sees them looking to discover what they want from their lives going forward, as they look to cure the problems they have been going through.

When it comes to the core of this movie, we get to see a struggle to deal with a sudden change. It shows how Stef has closed herself off from life and the side effects it has caused. Everything is told in a way that a chance encounter with a former friend can help change things and that you never know when to expect it. The touching story is only helped by the performances of Kate Morgan-Jones and Alan Emrys.

Final ThoughtsTranslations is a moving drama with excellent performances.

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