Scream (1996) Victim List

Scream The Victim List

Scream VI is about to come to the cinema. Meaning one thing, we have a new Ghostface or Ghostfaces. So, before the movie comes out, it is time to look back through the franchise and try to figure out who the killer is in each individual kill in the movie.

We will be doing this one movie at a time and this will include complete spoilers. Once this is complete, I will be ranking my top 10 favourite Ghostface kills in the franchise.


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Victim – Steve 
Steve in Scream

Kill – Steve is Casey’s boyfriend that is tied up outside her home. he is helpless as she is forced into playing the game. Killed in the dark before we see Ghostface, as Casey watches on helplessly.

Killer – Billy, is one of the hardest to work out in the movie. A lot of my suggestions are going to be made on the same thing in this movie. Billy feels a lot calmer, while Stu feels clumsier in his approach. This is a cold kill, with no panic surrounding it and could easily be done while still on the phone.

Victim – Casey 
Casey Scream

Kill – Casey is preparing for a solo movie night before receiving a strange series of phone calls. This sees Ghostface challenge her to a horror quiz. Trapped in her own home, she sees her boyfriend killed before trying to escape. It is one of the most memorable kills in horror movie history and often mistakes as the first kill in Scream.  The brutality in this kill prepares us for what we are going to be experiencing throughout the film. As well as preparing us so that nobody could be safe.

Killer – Billy, despite being more chaotic, he does remain calm when things get out of hand. He feels a lot colder in his approach. Not having a previous connection to Casey helps keep Stu needing an alibi because he is her former partner.

However, in the conversation between Stu, Billy, Sidney, Randy and Tatum. Stu gives up more details about the kill despite claiming to have been with Tatum overnight. Billy on the other hand claims he couldn’t have done it either, almost confessing to the crime.

Victim – Principal Arthur Himbry
Principal Arthur Himbry Scream

Kill – Principal Arthur Himbry sees his unruly students mocking the recent deaths. He lays down the law before closing the school while things get smoothed over. After he sends everyone home, he finds himself alone in the school acting around with the mask. Seeing the cameo of Wes Craven dressed as Freddy Kruger outside his office. He finds himself butchered in his office.

Killer – Billy, this is one of the easiest to see who the killer is. Stu has clearly left with Tatum and Sidney. While motivation isn’t clear on this one, Billy is the only one that could have done the calm stalking required. Stu would have clearly been too erratic with everything going on.

Victim – Tatum 
Tatum Scream

Kill – Tatum goes into the basement for more drinks. She finds herself trapped down there with a Ghostface she thinks is a student messing around. Tatum tries to escape through a dog flap only to get stuck causing the door to collapse killing her. The killer doesn’t get a hands on approach to the kill.

Killer – Billy. Despite Stu asking Tatum to go into the garage for the beers, he gets distracted by Gale’s appearance and is too easily known as the centre of the party. On the other hand, Billy has been lurking around the party to which he wasn’t invited. It is hard to imagine Stu managed to escape the party long enough to achieve this kill, making Billy the obvious choice.

Victim – Kenny 

Kill – Kenny is often abused cameraman to Gail Weathers. He is left in the van for the party, where he gets to watch what is happening at the party. He forgets his own video delay, seeing the killer get a quick kill.

Killer – Billy, even though Billy has just been stabbed, Ghostface is chasing Sidney around the home into the van. It does feel like this was a more clinical kill from Billy. Even if Stu could have been the prime suspect, as Billy is found back in the home later. Of all of the kills in Scream, this is the one most likely to be Stu.

Final Ghostface Kill Count: 5

Billy and Stu spend large parts of the movie almost covering for each other. Whenever one is put in the suspect box, they are quick to cover for them. Billy being locked up overnight gives Stu a chance to make a call as Ghostface. However, Stu is nearly always with someone when the kills happen. Stu does claim to be more involved, but it feels more like he is happy to play the games, rather than actually getting his hands dirty.

Kills by Billy – 4 for sure but the controlling manner of Billy makes me think he got all 5 kills. He seems to have made the bigger plan for Sidney, even if some of the kills his character targets seem random, including the principal.

Kills by Stu – 1 potentially, he does feel more like a pawn in Billy’s game, being the one involved in chases that were never going to lead to kills. This is seen in his motivation speech, where he shows regret for his involvement in everything that has gone down.

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