The Sea Beast (2022) Movie Review

The Sea Beast – ABC Film Challenge – Oscar Nomination – U (Karl Urban) – The Sea Beast – Movie Review

Sea Beast Poster

Director: Chris Williams

Writer: Nell Benjamin, Chris Williams (Screenplay)

Cast (Voice Talents)

Plot: When a young girl stows away on the ship of a legendary sea monster hunter, they launch an epic journey into uncharted waters – and make history to boot.

Runtime: 1 Hour 55 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Sea Beast starts as we meet Captain Crow and his crew Jacob Holland and Sarah Sharpe. They travel the seas hunting down sea monsters. However, when they let the most dangerous Red Bluster escape, the monarchy wants to use their own vessel to hunt it down.

Captain Crow promises to catch it on his next adventure, or he will step away from hunting. Meanwhile, a young girl Maisie wants to join the crew and sneaks onboard. This forces the crew to accommodate her, but when the next encounter with Red Bluster leaves Maisie and Jacob on a desert island. The pair get a more up close and personal encounter with the monsters and learn what they really want.

Verdict on The Sea Beast

The Sea Beast is an animated adventure movie following a hunter and a young girl learning the true meaning of the monsters of the world. They start out hunting the giant monsters of the ocean, only to learn that the stories they have heard aren’t as true as they have been made to believe.

This is a great story about understanding human’s impact on the world. It shows how they have seen anything they can’t explain as evil and they must hunt it down to kill it. We get to watch how Jacob changes his views as the story unfolds and learns the errors of his way. By doing this, we get to see the stunningly created creatures in a beautifully animated world.

Where to Watch: The Sea Beast is on Netflix right now.

Final ThoughtsThe Sea Beast is an amazing world creating animation.

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