Aisha (2022) Movie Review

Aisha – Movie Review

Aisha Poster

Director: Frank Berry

Writer: Frank Berry (Screenplay)


Plot: While caught for years in Ireland’s immigration system Aisha Osagie develops a close friendship with former prisoner Conor Healy. This friendship soon looks to be short lived as Aisha’s future in Ireland comes under threat.

Runtime: 1 Hour 36 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Aisha starts as we meet Nigerian immigrate Aisha Osagie (Wright) who has found herself in Ireland. She is waiting for her paperwork to go through as she meets former prisoner Conor (O’Connor) being one of the few people that befriends her.

As Aisha finds her case becoming more complicated, she starts to find her friendship with Conor becoming closer. She continues to battle her case to get her place in Ireland, with the threat back home.

Verdict on Aisha

Aisha is a drama that follows one woman’s desperate battle to win asylum in Ireland. It shows how the system constantly moves her around as she looks to settle and start a fresh life, despite how many people move her around.

This shows how the system can cause problems for the people suffering with how helpless they are. It shows how the locations the immigrates are placed are tight and contained. Letitia Wright is brilliant in the leading role, carrying the movie with her performance.

Final Thoughts Aisha is a powerful drama about one person’s struggle for asylum

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