The Phantom of the Open (2021) Movie Review


The Phantom of the Open – ABC Film Challenge – Catch-Up 2022 – O – The Phantom of the Open – Movie Review

Director: Craig Roberts

Writer: Simon Farnaby (Screenplay)

Writer: Scott Murray, Simon Farnaby (Book)


Plot: Maurice Flitcroft, a dreamer and unrelenting optimist, manages to gain entry to the 1976 British Open Golf Championship qualification round despite being a complete novice.

Runtime: 1 Hour 46 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Phantom of the Open starts as family man Maurice Flitcroft (Rylance) learns that he might be losing his job soon. His supportive wife Jean (Hawkins) encourages him to follow his own dreams. Which sees him get fascinated by golf of television.

Maurice enters the British Open in 1976, which saw him setting a brand new recorded for the worst score in the history of the game. He continues to chase his dream until he finds himself being chased out the game by the ruthless rules put in place.

Verdict on The Phantom of the Open

The Phantom of the Open is a comedy drama following the true story behind one of the worst records in golfing history. It shows how one man decided to follow his dream and challenge in the British Open of Golf, without having every played the game before.

This is a movie that gets to highlight how sport can bring people together and rules can hold people back. The movie is told in a feel-good feeling, that sees many people being inspired by his story. This could be put in the same category as many enjoyable sports comedies throughout the years.

Final Thoughts The Phantom of the Open is an enjoyable feel-good movie.

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