Toga (2023) Movie Review

Toga – Movie Review


Director: Shaun Rose

Writer: Shaun Rose, Bruce Rose Sr, Andrea Stangle (Screenplay)


Plot: Set years after the events of ‘Upstate Story,’ the film finds Ellis Martin with a new job as a freelance videographer. His most recent assignment has him scouting locations for a filmmaker and takes him to the very town he grew up.

Runtime: 1 Hour 2 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Toga starts as we see how Ellis Martin’s (Shaun Rose) life has changed since we last met him. He now lives alone in a trailer park working in a thrift shop, while freelancing as a videographer. The routine takes up most of his life, waiting for the time he gets with his children.

Ellis finds himself struggling but a job back where he grew up gives him a chance to go down memory lane. Here, he gets a chance to see how much has changed and reflect on his own life about what needs changing.

Verdict on Toga

Toga is a drama that follows a man in his mid-30s that sees his life not going smoothly. It follows the everyday routine that doesn’t give him the motivation to change in life. He takes a journey to learn about what is most important in his life.

This movie is told in a very mundane style, which is done on purpose. It shows us that everyday life is a lot harder than a lot of people imagine. This continues to run from director Shaun Rose, taking us through a life’s journey for small-town America. It is easy to compare to the life Ellis is going through, being somebody who expected much more from life, but found themselves held back.

Final ThoughtsToga is a brilliant reflection on small-town life.

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