Making and Unmaking (2020) Movie Review

Director: Shaun Rose, Andrea Stangle

Plot: From creative and personal highs to extreme lows, this film chronicles several years in the life of filmmaker Shaun Rose.

Runtime: 1 Hour 3 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Making and Unmaking starts as we see how filmmaking Shaun Rose came to get Upstate Story made, the struggles along the way, which will see him starting other projects, but dealing with his own personal struggles in life, with personal and health related problems.

We get to look at how Shaun looks back on this difficult years, to get this project made, working more jobs, battles his demons, but keeping the hope of making something people would enjoy, and that they did.

Thoughts on Making and Unmaking

ThoughtsMaking and Unmaking is a documentary that follows a film maker Shaun Rose, as he opens up in a very personal way to describe the difficulties, he faced making the movie Upstate Story, be it personal, medical or even the production of this film. It is brave to see a filmmaker going into such a personal side to their development of a movie, it might feel like a running diary, which does show us just how much an indie micro budget director, who don’t have the luxury of time, money and endless support to make a movie happen.

Final Thoughts Making and Unmaking is a brave, intimate and eye-opening look at the micro directors’ life.

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