Sorry About the Demon (2022) Movie Review


Sorry About the Demon – Movie Review

Director: Emily Hagins

Writer: Emily Hagins (Screenplay)


  • Jon Michael Simpson
  • Jeff McQuitty (A Perfect Host)
  • Olivia Ducayen
  • Paige Evans
  • Dave Peniuk (Camp Death III in 2D!)

Plot: A young man struggling with a broken heart learns that his new place is full of restless spirits.

Runtime: 1 Hour 45 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Sorry About the Demon starts when the Sellers’ family Ken (Peniuk), Tammy (Cleveland), Jake (Zappala) and Grace (Allard) make a startling discovery. A demon has taken over the body of Grace and is demanding sacrifices. Elsewhere, Will (Simpson) gets dumped by his girlfriend and rents the Sellers’ home.

As Will looks to settle into the home, he finds himself dealing with a demon. He turns to his best friend Patrick (McQuitty) for advice. This leads to plans to solve the problems including a cleansing from Aimee (Ducayen).

Verdict on Sorry About the Demon


Will is a heart-broken young man, he cooks in his free time and is content with a customer service life. He moves into a new home to start fresh, only he finds himself dealing with a demon. Will must solve the demon problem while facing his past and deciding where his future lays.

Patrick is Will’s best friend that is there to support him through his difficult spell. He suggests the cleansing and sees the problem he is facing first-hand. Elsewhere, we have Amy the ex-girlfriend that has gotten tired of Will not fulfilling his potential and supporting her.  Aimee a friend of Patrick’s that offers to help deal with the demon problem. Also, we get the family that rents the house out knowing the demon is there.


Jon Michael Simpson in the leading role gets to have a lot of fun. He has a serious side to his relationship but shows a much calmer approach to dealing with the demons. It gets to play into the comedy in the horror movie.

The supporting cast brings plenty of laughs to the movie. It sees a much calmer approach from everyone in the movie to the demon side of the story. This adds more to the comedy involved in going against most of the horror we would be used to seeing.


The movie follows a down on his luck heart-broken young man trying to start a fresh life. However, things don’t go to plan when he learns that he has rented a home that is possessed by a demon searching for sacrifices. He must solve the problem as well as face his own demons.

The story gets to dive into a comical style to represent house possession. It doesn’t rely on going on big scares, instead uses a calm approach to understand what is going on. This is more about understanding what is best in life and understanding how to move on.


Sorry About the Demon does an excellent job at bringing comedy to the possession horror movies. It places the basics for possession but tackles them in a much more comedic tone. This achieves more laughs in the film, without getting much out of the scares. The home adds to the movie, as it shows you never know what might be happening in your neighbourhood.

Where to Watch: Sorry About the Demon is available on Shudder.

Final Thoughts Sorry About the Demon is a fun horror comedy, twisting the possession sub-genre around.

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