Taking Chances (2009)

rob challengeMovie Rob has challenged me to watch this film, and if I am being honest I have never heard of it, but I do like watching the stars of the movies in other work. Turns out i pick the wrong film, i was meant to pick the Kevin Bacon one

logoDirector: Talmage Cooley

Writer: Annie Nocenti (Screenplay)

Starring: Justin Long, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Rob Corddry, Keir O’Donnell, Missi Pyle, David Jensen, Jimmi Simpson, Nick Offerman

Plot: When he discovers that an Indian casino is about to be built over the town’s historic battlefield, Chase Revere, the self-appointed protector of a small town’s rather meager place in American history, joins forces with sexy but dangerous town siren Lucy Shanks to launch an all-out offensive against the project – earning the wrath of the entire town, who believe that the casino will save their decaying local community. 

There may be spoilers the rest of the review

Verdict: Indie Comedy Lacking Something

Story: Taking Chances starts Chase Revere (Long) an historical museum employee who goes around spreading the story of his town’s forgotten battle in the civil war. Chase comes off as a very good guy who will help a person in need, never takes a chance and loves his job. Digger (O’Donnell) is trying to push Chase to come out of his shell but Chase isn’t interested in his plans.

Mayor Cleveland Fishback (Corddry) has an idea to try and save his town which involves going t the native Americans to make casino. Chase ends up having chance meeting with Lucy (Chriqui) a firecracker with early romantic sparks. Chase continues the romance with Lucy while he has to come up with an idea to stop the new casino being built over the battlefield which has a rich history for the town. We have to see if Chase can get enough backing to stop the casino being built when people in the town seem happy with the idea.

Taking Chances is an indie comedy with elements of a coming of age tale, I do think the whole concept reflexes the problems America is facing in the small towns but in the end the transformation Chase goes on is the most important part of the film. I found the awkward relationship between Chase and Lucy uncomfortable as we clearly want Chase to be happy but that is never going to happen with Lucy. I think there is way too much hate towards Chase for trying to keep the casino out of the town too. I think this is a solid story but there are certain parts that should have been added to give it that extra something to make it special. (5/10)

Actor Review

Justin Long: Chase Revere is honest guy who loves his historical job, when he hears that the battlefield is the prime location for a casino that the town wants to build. Chase also gets involved with a relationship of sorts with Lucy a girl that pushes him to come out of his comfort zone. Justin can nail comedy but this seem to be a struggle for him. (5/10)

Emmanuelle Chriqui: Lucy is the firecracker who comes into Chase’s life and pushes him to take more chances. She stands by Chase as he tries to fight for the city while hiding a secret that will change her relationship with Chase forever. Emmanuelle does a standard job but doesn’t make you like her character or care what happens to her. (5/10)

Rob Corddry: Mayor Cleveland Fishback is trying to bring the town back from the brink of bankrupt but he really just starts putting the town and all of its assets at risk by agreeing t terms to build a casino. Rob does his usual routine we have seen in every film with him. (5/10)

Support Cast: Taking Chances has generic supporting characters that sum up all the characters you would see around the town. They give a few extra laughs here and there.

Director Review: Talmage Cooley Talmage gives us a solid comedy but it lacks that little something to make it a good comedy. (5/10)

Comedy: Taking Chances has a couple of laughs but really doesn’t reach the laugh out loud stage. (4/10)

Settings: Taking Chances keeps everything inside a small town which works for the story. (9/10)

Suggestion: Taking Chances is one to try but I wouldn’t be recommending it too many people. (Try It)

Best Part: Leap of faith.

Worst Part: The town seems to be full of assholes.

Believability: No (0/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: No

Oscar Chances: No

Runtime: 1 Hour 39 Minutes

Tagline: Love’s always a gamble.

Overall: A comedy that lacks the real punchlines needed to make us laugh.

Rating 50


  1. Never heard of this one, but I saw the Kevin Bacon one, per MovieRob’s recommendation. Excellent film; I think you’ll like it.

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    Here’s Darren’s review of the movie I chose for him for this week’s challenge. Check out his thoughts on Taking Chances (2009)…. oh wait, this was suppose to be the Kevin Bacon movie, guess we’ll have to wait for that one. Tnx to Darren for being a trooper about my goof 🙂

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