Recap of Resident Evil – Episode 5 – Home Movies

Recap of Resident Evil – Episode 5 – Home Movies

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Director: Rachel Goldberg


There will be spoilers for the episode below

Recap of Resident Evil Episode 5 Home Movies

In 2036, Jade finds herself captured by Umbrella, with a masked figure revealing themselves to be Billie.

Back in 2022, Albert is summoned by Evelyn to deal with the stranger reporter Angel problem. Albert shows a more violent side, one we haven’t seen before, proving it has been there all the time. Billie and Jade look to move on with their lives after Billie never turned. Leading to Jade wanting to learn more about their past and their father’s past. This will send the sisters on an adventure following clues left by their father.

Seemingly forgetting the 2036 timeline, we continue to follow the sisters in 2022. This shows them starting to fall apart, as they are left wondering why Billie was picked for the treasure map, not Jade. Causing tension between the two, creating more drama than needed. As the sisters continue to work together, they discover a secret laboratory below the house in the basement.

The sisters discover footage of what their father has been up to in the past, showing him involved with. Learning he was studying Billie, preparing the worst, to keep her with him. Breaking the security placed upon them, finding themselves trapped in the fire-engulfed room. Saved only, by their father’s return.

Confronting their father, they want to know the truth and learn Albert would do anything to protect his daughters.

What to look out for next time?

is 2036 still a thing?

What was Albert up to in his previous life?

Can the sisters cope on their own?

Short Verdict

In what is a strange episode that only gives us one glimpse into the 2036 storyline, despite that being left with the big cliff-hanger in the last episode.

The story in 2022 has plenty of mystery about it but zero interest for the Resident Evil fans. This episode only focuses on the sisterly relationship avoiding way too much of what makes the franchise stand out.

It might be done in a fun teenage adventure way, but it is just dull and uninspiring to the audience.

Final Thoughts: This is a very weak episode, having no Resident Evil-like moments. 1/5

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