Recap of Resident Evil – Episode 6 – Someone’s Little Girl

Recap of Resident Evil – Episode 6 – Someone’s Little Girl

Someone’s Little Girl

Director: Batan Silva


There will be spoilers for the episode below

Recap of Resident Evil Episode 6 Someone’s Little Girl

In 2022, Albert Wesker looks to continue his questioning of Angel, staying ahead of Evelyn, and keeping the answers to himself. Taking the problems into his own hands.

In 2036, Billie confronts Jade, who now works for Umbrella and Evelyn. Wanting to take Jade back to the facility to face the truth. Only Billie lets Jade go, returning to her friends on an offshore base. This gives Jade a chance to reunite with her daughter.

On the ship in 2036, the crew start to see the ghost ship floating in the water when they start to float over the infected. Jade starts her experiment on the head she took, getting no answers until she thinks outside the box. She must take a break on the ship, watching her daughter perform, something she hasn’t seen in so long.

Jade is caught in the middle of seeing her daughter’s talents and a ground-breaking discovery in her research. Turning to science as the most important part of her life. Continuing to risk her life in search of a sample to bring aboard the ship. Putting the whole ship’s lives at risk.

The experiment goes to plan, but Jade must live with the consequences of her actions, as her best friend is killed by the infected. She is acting just like her father and now Umbrella has found them.

Back in 2022, we get a short scene where Angel has become infected and Albert gets a visit from someone looking to break him out.

What to look out for next time?

What will Umbrella do to Jade and the ship?

How with Albert recover from his betrayal?

Will Billie and Jade escape in 2022?

Who the hell was in the wall?

Short Thoughts

In this episode, we don’t touch the 2022 side of the story, which I guess makes up for the last episode not touching 2036.

When it comes to the 2036 side of the story, the big, massive encounter between the sisters, doesn’t seem to mean anything. Instead, we look at the new life Jade has, following her father’s footsteps of experimenting and putting work before the family. It is disappointing that not much more is made from the encounter.

To make matters a lot worse Jade’s reckless behaviour costs lives because she doesn’t conduct anything with any patience. She has become just as bad as her father.

Final Thoughts: This is a strange episode because it feels mostly dull, but it has a big cause and effect moment involved. 2/5

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