Recap of Resident Evil – Episode 4 – The Turn

Recap of Resident Evil – Episode 4 – The Turn

The Turn

Director: Rob Seidenglanz


There will be spoilers for the episode below

Recap of Resident Evil Episode 4 The Turn

We head to Tijuana for the first time, investigating the first outbreak and how the victim changed. Becoming irritated by bright lights, sound and other transformations going on. Looking to expose more of the original outbreak in Raccoon City.

Meanwhile, in 2036, Jade and Baxter are taken to the Brotherhood’s base. Baxter and Jade might have to put their differences aside if they are going to make it out of here alive. As they see the number of infected within the walls. The Brotherhood believe this is a religious event, created by God.

In 2022, Albert sees his latest experiment failing, as his race to find an antivirus is running dangerously low. Jade and Billie are trying to deal with everything themselves, with Billie willing to go to a final party before she turns. As the girls are looking for their time together, Albert is preparing for the worst. As a visitor gets into the city, searching for the Wesker’s.

Recap of Resident Evil – Episode 4 – The Turn

In 2036, Jade and Baxter see the horrors of what the Brotherhood will do to survivors, as they continue to search for a way out of the prison, they find themselves in. this gives Jade a valuable insight into how the infected have started to communicate, the very research she was trying to conduct. Instead of being chased, they must fight their way out this time. Showing Baxter’s leadership in conflict.

In 2022, Billie is feeling empty and alone, disappointed that Jade doesn’t give her time in her final moments. She just wanted to spend time with her sister, but Jade was too busy for her. Albert searches for his daughters, while the stranger has found Jade, needing to prepare her for what is coming. Revealing the shocking truth that Albert Wesker died in the original Raccoon City outbreak.

Back in 2036, Jade is drawn to her research, wanting to learn more about the queen of the infected, needing to learn how it operates, believing it could be key to more when it comes to fighting back. This will leave her back against the wall, facing the reality she might not make it out of this one. Of course, she will, teaming up with Baxter to escape. With a new threat waiting for her.

In 2022, Evelyn captured the stranger, questioning him and revealing that Billie has become infected. As the sister rush home before the infection takes full control of Billie, can she continue to fight it? Making it past the timer set for her.

What to look out for next time?

Who is in the helicopter?

How will Evelyn deal with the stranger?

Can older Jade learn from the queen?

The Stranger offers to give up the information about who is infected, will he give it up?

Can Albert keep the infection secret?

Short Verdict

In 2036, we get one of the best scenes of the show so far, Baxter and Jade’s escape. Where Baxter gets to show a badass side to his character, as he ruthless escapes, killing everyone in flair, his build wouldn’t expect to see. Baxter continues to be one of the most entertaining characters, with his funny lines.

In 2022, we focus more on the friendship between the sisters, as Billie feels like her time is running out, wanting her last few hours with her sister. While her sister is out meeting new people, not sharing the moment together as she wishes.

The story manages to give us a reflective nature for the first time so far, showing Jade dealing with infection coming towards her, needing to make the decision on whether to make it or not.

Final Thoughts: This episode does have more intensity when it comes to the two stories, the race between making it out of the problems in time. 4/5

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