Raymond Lewis: L.A. Legend (2022) Movie Review

Raymond Lewis L.A. Legend – Movie Review

Raymond Lewis

Director: Ryan Polomski

Plot: Tells the hard-to-believe story of the mythical basketball legend from Watts California who was blackballed from the NBA in the early ‘70s following an ugly contract dispute with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Runtime: 1 Hour 20 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict on Raymond Lewis L.A. Legend

Raymond Lewis L.A. Legend is a documentary that follows the incredible story of Raymond Lewis. He was a young basketball prodigy that turned heads, but the managers took advantage of him. It follows his career through high school and college right up to his NBA draft. This is where things start changing for him.

Seeing a sports star losing his deserved spot because of a contract dispute. It puts the importance on why having an agent is more important than trying to go solo. In this the question about being blackballed by the league comes up, making him a mythical legend that never made it in the NBA. This highlights the stance he took, which would have opened many more doors for other players throughout history.

The movie is interesting as it takes us into the world of basketball in the 70s. Showing how important it was for a community and how much has changed over the years.

Where to Watch: Raymond Lewis: L.A. Legend Premieres Theatrically Oct. 27 & on VOD Nov.  1

Final ThoughtsRaymond Lewis L.A. Legend is a fascinating story of a legend that never shone.

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