Meander (2020) Movie Review

Meander – ABC Film Challenge – Horror – W – (Gaia Weiss) Movie Review


Director: Mathieu Turi

Writer: Mathieu Turi (Screenplay)


  • Gaia Weiss (Shepherd)
  • Peter Franzen (Priest of Evil)
  • Romane Libert (At Eternity’s Gate)
  • Frederic Franchitti
  • Corneliu Dragomirescu (Her Way)

Plot: A woman finds herself locked in a series of strange tunnels full of deadly traps

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Meander starts when a young woman Lisa (Weiss) stumbles around in her depression. She is picked up by a stranger, who turns out to be an on-the-run serial killer Adam (Franzen). When Lisa wakes up, she finds herself trapped in a room.

As Lisa explores the pathways given to her, she must overcome challenges to survive. Ones that are life and death, meeting monsters along the way.

Verdict on Meander

Meander is a horror thriller that is a mix of ‘Saw’ and ‘Cube’. Where the challenge is the same to get out of a series of traps. Each trap offers up a different challenge, as Lisa must decide how much further she wants to go on her journey.

It follows the typical challenges, which is fine, but finds itself caught in-between a couple of storylines. The serial killer part seems to get forgotten in the story, as it turns into Lisa’s journey through her own mind.

Gaia Weiss is great in the leading role, balancing the pain and determination her character shows in her attempts to escape. The effects in the movie are great, with one moment looking shockingly disturbing.

Final Thoughts Meander is a Cube, Saw baby that isn’t as intense as it could be.

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