Her Way (2021) Movie Review


Her Way – Movie Review

Director: Cecile Ducrocq

Writer: Cecile Ducrocq (Screenplay)


  • Laure Calamy
  • Nissim Renard
  • Beatrice Facquer
  • Romain Brau
  • Maxence Tual

Plot: Marie, an independent and militant woman, has never needed anyone’s help, including when it comes to raising her son. When the latter is expelled from his certificate of the professional competence training class, Marie cannot accept it. Dreaming of a brighter future for him, she decides to enrol him in one of the best cooking schools in France. But her income does not allow her to pay the school fees. She has to find a solution, at any cost.

Runtime: 1 Hour 37 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Her Way starts as prostitute Marie (Calamy) is working to make sure her son Adrien (Renard) gets an education. Marie has one final attempt to get Adrien in school, but the price is high.

Marie is forced to turn to an old associate to work in his club if she is ever going to be able to afford school. This is while keeping her job a secret from Adrien, who she pushes into helping out to make his dream of being a chef a reality.

Verdict on Her Way

Her Way is a drama that shows how much a single mother will do to make sure her son gets the best education. This takes us into the sex worker’s scene in France as Marie navigates it. Her son on the other hand is a selfish difficult young man that only wants to slack around and not pay attention in school.

This movie shows the daily struggle families could go through to make ends meet and how far they will go to solve problems. It shows the lack of support system in place for people trying to better themselves.

Laure Calamy is fantastic in the leading role of the movie, showing the full range of emotions her character is driven through the movie.

Where to Watch: Her Way is in cinemas and on Curzon Home Cinema on 26th August from Blue Finch Film Releasing

Final Thoughts Her Way is a powerful drama taking us into the sex workers’ world.

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