Fall (2022) Movie Review

Fall – Movie Review


Director: Scott Mann

Writer: Jonathan Frank, Scott Mann (Screenplay)


Plot: Best friends Becky and Hunter find themselves at the top of a 2,000-foot radio tower.

Runtime: 1 Hour 47 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Fall starts in the aftermath of Becky (Fulton) seeing her husband Dan (Gooding) falling to his death on a climbing expedition. Becky spends the next year grieving, becoming distant from her father James (Morgan). Her best friend Hunter (Gardner) who was there on the day of the accident, invites her to her next daring climb.

The climb marks the one-year anniversary of the death, as the women climb a 2000-foot radio tower to spread Dan’s ashes. The problem happens as they look to get back down, with the ladder crumbling, leaving the women trapped, needing to figure out how to get down.

Verdict on Fall


Becky is the grief-stricken widow who saw her husband fall to his death. She spends the next year battling her substance abuse to deal with her problems, pushing people away in her life. Becky reluctantly agrees to join her best friend on a new climbing trip to face her demons and say a final goodbye to her husband.

Hunter is Becky’s adventurous best friend; she has built herself up as an influencer status on social media. Her adventures are fuelled by what her followers want, which can make her selfish and careless. This is seen from an early incident on the road and her stupid behaviour while climbing up.

The movie only really focuses on the two here, with Becky’s father James trying to console her daughter after the loss and the husband who dies, Dan.


Grace Fulton as the grief-stricken lead is strong in the movie, as she is dealing with the reluctant position of going, needing to face her fears along the way. Virginia Gardner does a great job at making us hate her because her character is incredibly annoying and almost pokes fun at the selfish social media influencers.


The story follows two best friends and climbing experts that decide to climb a 2000ft radio tower, only to get stuck on the top of it. It follows the pair as they try to figure out how to get down.

The story is kept simple, as it focuses on the survival situation the women find themselves in. It goes through the type of situations that you would imagine them needing to try and solve to survive. As well as figuring out how to get down. The simple side of the story shows us how much trouble not communicating before a dangerous climb can be.


Fall is a horror thriller that uses the environment to create all the tension, suspense, and horror we go through. Having the women trapped on the top of the radio tower, with no phone signal and no way down. This creates a situation that nobody can get out of easily and most importantly creates every bit of tension needed for the film.

Where to Watch: Signature Entertainment presents Fall exclusively in Cinemas from 2nd September

Final ThoughtsFall is a nerve-shredding thriller.

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