I Am Omega (2007)

Director: Griff Furst

Writer: Geoff Meed

Starring: Mark Dacascos, Geoff Meed, Jennifer Lee Wiggins


Story: When the world’s population has been taken over by the dead Renchard (Dacascos) lives day-by-day missing his family who died during the outbreak. Renchard has set up his home with traps fro when the creatures come and lives in isolation. Renchard plans to blow up the local city and has been setting up charges to do so, but things change for him when he gets a video message from Brianna (Lee-Wiggins), Brianna is in the city and is immune to the disease.


Vincent (Meed) a guy who claims to be trying to help save Brianna find Renchard and they both go off to save her before it is too late. Can they over come the dead and save the girl and potentially the world.

Verdict: This is simply a cheaply made version of ‘I Am Legend’ with a martial arts star rather than a Blockbuster star. It’s pretty simple to follow with the fight scenes be a way to show off Mark Dacascos fighting skills. IF you compare the two movies Legend has a very nice gloss over it while Omega almost has a more real feel to it. Made by The Asylum who made Trasmorphers when Transformers was released. Overall this is an average action horror, which is more fun to watch than I Am Legend.


Story Mark 6/10 Average story nothing special


Action Mark 8/10 Some good fight scenes


Horror Mark 4/10 No real scares for horror


Special Effects Mark 5/10 Poor special effects but cheaply made.


Star Performances: Mark Dacascos strong lead should be doing better things than this.


Favourite Character: Renchard strong character filled with regret.


Least Favourite Character: Vincent interrupts Renchard quiet isolated life.


Best Part: The environment created.


Worst Part: Renchard shock of getting a message way over the top.


Similar Too – I Am Legend


My Rating 56%


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