The Juror (1996)

Director: Brian Gibson

Writer: Ted Tally

Starring: Demi Moore, Alec Baldwin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anne Hache, James Gandolfini


Story: When single mum Annie Laird (Moore) is selected for jury duty she ends up on one of the biggest cases against the Mafia. The case has guilty written all over it but the Mafia have other plans. The Teacher (Baldwin) the man responsible for the crime befriends Annie. His agenda soon becomes apparent when he threatens to kill her son Oliver (Gordon-Levitt) if she doesn’t get a ‘not guilty’ from the jury.


With the handler Eddie (Gandolfini) following her every move and with her best friends Juliet (Hache) help can Annie keeper her family safe. This edge of you seat thriller will keep you guessing right to the end.


Verdict: A thriller, which has everything, a strong thriller should have. Alec Baldwin as the Teacher shines as the over the edge hit man who is right on the verge of a break down. Based on the novel by George Dawes Green it is full of elements of any John Grisham novel/film, so if you have a fan of his then you will enjoy the one.  With great performances from the supporting cast of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anne Hache, James Gandolfini the strong movie flows with relative ease and will be enjoyed by all thriller fans.  


Story Mark 9/10 Solid story from start to finish.


Action Mark 7/10 The few chase scenes are nicely executed but nothing full-blown action.


Star Performances: Alec Baldwin as the Teacher shines from start to finishes through all the emotions great performance.


Favourite Character: Teacher a character on the verge of breaking is always the best to watch and this one is perfect fit for the story too.


Best Part: The first reveal who the Teacher is to Annie so calmly done but so effective.


Similar Too – Runaway Jury, The Firm


My Rating 80%

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