Human Factors (2021) Movie Review



Director: Ronny Trocker

Writer: Ronny Trocker (Screenplay)

Starring: Mark Waschke, Sabine Timoteo, Jule Hermann, Wanja Valentin Kube

Plot: A mysterious home invasion triggers off a shake in the core of a cosmopolitan middle-class family and unveils the fragility of truth and the power of individual perspective.

Runtime: 1 Hour 42 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Human Factors starts when a middle-class family father Jan (Waschke) returns home to find his wife Nina (Timoteo), daughter Emma (Hermann) and son Max (Kube) shaken from a home invasion, where nothing was broken, but the family is left with unease about being in the home.

As the family will look to move on with their lives, the effects of what happens starts to come through, as the truth about the home invasion comes to light.

Thoughts on Human Factors

ThoughtsHuman Factors is a drama taking out the visuals of the home invasion to show us the human factors about surviving one,, using the same method ‘Force Majeure’ turned the incident into the recovery process. The film use time jumps to split what we see from the family, with the constant returning to the home invasion from different perspectives of the family, as each member will remember it differently. The core of this story is showing how life can change after an event that would create trauma and no matter how close the family are, the strain will always be there. Human Factors does have strong performances to create a natural family dynamic, along with the smart story that will keep secrets held back from us until later in the film.

Final Thoughts Human Factors is a smart family drama about the cause and effect of a home invasion.

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