Guns of Eden (2022) Movie Review


Guns of Eden – Movie Review

Director: Gregory Lamberson

Writer: Gregory Lamberson (Screenplay)


  • Alexandra Faye Sadeghian
  • Bill Kennedy
  • Peter Johnson
  • Nicole Colon
  • Dominic Luongo

Plot: Four weekend campers are hunted by an armed militia.

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Guns of Eden starts in the aftermath of an accidental shooting. Police officer Jeremy (Johnson) takes his depressed partner Megan (Sadeghian) on a camping trip to clear her head. As the four start off on their trip, they find themselves witnessing a militia murder by Sheriff Preacher (Kennedy).

Preacher calls in as many different hunters to the area, as the four friends must figure out how to survive against the odds. Jeremy and Megan use their knowledge of tactics to lead the defence as they look to escape before becoming the latest victims.

Verdict on Guns of Eden

Guns of Eden is an action thriller that puts a small group of campers up against a ruthless militia in the American woodlands. It starts out like a typical camping trip before turning into a battle to survive.

This movie takes the typical survival against the numbers style, one that works for getting the basics right. However, this doesn’t feel as complete as it wants to be. There doesn’t seem to be enough character depth going on within the movie, leaving us feeling flat in place. The action is pretty routine in how it unfolds, turning one of the characters into Rambo against the numbers. Alexandra Faye Sadeghian is fun to watch as the kick-ass heroine of the story.

Final Thoughts Guns of Eden is a routine survival movie.

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