Warriors of Future (2022) Movie Review


Warriors of Future – Movie Review

Director: Yuen Fai Ng

Writer: Ho-Leung Lau, Chi-Leung Law, Tin Shu Mak (Screenplay)


Plot: A meteorite brings an extra-terrestrial life to the earth. When powerful alien creatures threaten humanity, Commander Sing Lee’s elite forces are almost wiped out, and the surviving soldier Tai Loi discovers an even bigger conspiracy.

Runtime: 1 Hour 52 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Warriors of Future starts as the world has been struggling to survive, needing to build sky nets to refresh the air. Once things start to become stable, a meteorite crashes into Earth. This causes an extra-terrestrial life to spread, using water to spread. 

Commander Sing Lee (Cheung) sends a team to defeat the plant like alien. Despite the bigger question about how to destroy the creature, as it is also fixing the air pollution levels. Tai Loi (Koo) is one of the soldiers on the mission, being one of the few survivors when it goes wrong. He must figure out a way to stop the creature, while his best friend Cheng Chung-Sang (Lau) looks for answers, before plan B is executed. However, the truth becomes even more shocking for Tai Loi.

Verdict on Warriors of Future

Warriors of Future is a sci-fi action movie following a group of soldiers in a futuristic war. Seeing them going on a risk all mission to stop an alien threat that has taken over part of the world. This sees them needing to put aside their differences to find a way to stop a bigger threat to mankind.

The movie ends up being more than just big sci-fi action movie, despite it focusing on it all. It offers up the conversation about whether a solution that causes destruction would help mankind or not. Showing a future where answers have become impossible to solve without casualties. There are sprinkles of other movies throughout, ‘The Tomorrow War’, ‘Aliens’ and ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ seem to have plenty borrowed from, despite bringing its own twist to everything.

When it comes to the action sequences, there is an amazing sequence through a building on the verge of collapse. The team on the mission go through a string of different sequences, each being edge of the seat action, with each character having something to prove.

Where to Watch: Warriors of Future is available on Netflix.

Final Thoughts Warriors of Future is a big sci-fi movie, with amazing action sequences.

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